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Experience Report of Martin Struebin

In 1998, I learned 'by chance' from an alchemist in the US who was supposed to make a unique substance that has been used in ancient mystery schools for thousands of years to rejuvenate and heal, activate dormant DNA potential, and raise awareness. He called this mystical substance MANNA Monoatomical Gold, which was then still available in the form of a white powder, and should exert almost incredible effects on body, mind and soul.

This message immediately resonated deeply with me, prompting me to search for this mysterious alchemist. And in fact, after a short while, I managed to make a long phone call with him. This was very enlightening and extremely informative, whereupon he willingly sent me a monthly ration of his MANNA together with extensive research material from his alchemical research group 'Green Valley Trust'.

I was very excited and could not wait to hold the precious substance in my hands and to take it with confidence and full of joyful expectation. Because of the truth of the information of the alchemist and the authenticity of his over months produced substance, I had no doubt. Too intense and too clear was the response of my soul to the manna, as if I had been waiting for it all my life.

At last the show came from the USA and I opened it in a hurry. Curious and impatient, I immediately took my first ration, but had not the time to consciously focus on the effect. But at least I had it intused.
It was not until the evening in my daily meditation that I realized that something had changed in me. Despite a labor-intensive day, I was much more relaxed, mentally calmer, and felt lighter, as if I got some boost. I also glided effortlessly into my state of meditation, without first becoming free of everyday thoughts. Likewise, my meditation deepened, my sense of time and perception changed, and I experienced a very exhilarating expansion of my consciousness with numerous valuable insights and enlightenments.

Of course, I associated this with my manna intake at noon, and I also realized that I felt 'floating' in the afternoon after taking it and more in 'flow' without really being aware of it. So after these first immediate, positive effects, I was very much looking forward to further experiences ...

The weeks went by without me again experiencing such exaggerated exaltation effects, but of course I ordered more monthly rations from the alchemist, because the deepening of my meditation states remained, and I had a basic knowledge that I am well and we (my soul and I) if you want to continue taking it. The strong magnetic power to the manna remained present in me throughout, and I was happy that life had brought it to me and I was allowed to make this exciting experience.

After a few months, I was able to perceive numerous subtle but also significant changes in my conscious introspection ...

So I experienced again and again strong energy chills, which discharged suddenly and without direct causes through my energetic system. I already knew that, especially in meditations, but not in waking consciousness and in that frequency and intensity. My body also became more efficient, more resilient and fundamentally more vital. I have not been ill since that time, I only have colds every couple of years, physical challenges heal in the shortest possible time, or do not develop in the usual intensity, and the self-healing of my body after surgery is extraordinary.

In addition, I felt emotionally stronger, stronger and safer. Especially in acute challenges that brought me out of my midst and also in situations where I had to struggle with my negative unconscious programs before, I became more and more stable and confident. This was a great enrichment for me as a sensitive but also delicate man. I was more and more anchored in my midst, became more courageous and more devout, and it could not bring me out of my rest so quickly or put off challenges.

My mental clarity also increased, whether in the consideration of my own life and my subjects, as well as in the exploration of the complex relationships on a global level and events. My understanding of the incredible interconnectedness of multidimensional levels and causes unfolded - the effects of larger correlations. In addition, I found that my thoughts were realized faster, and I had to consciously practice thought hygiene or had to choose my thoughts more consciously. There was an obvious activation of my 3rd eye and my pineal gland.

Of course, my spiritual development also accelerated or my spiritual consciousness unfolded more dynamically and became more and more present in everyday life. My medial and healing abilities clearly matured, my soul-consciousness - that I am aware soul as a human being on earth - increased more and more, my love ability increased and my heart chakra became more and more radiant and giving. The conscious perception of spiritual spaces and worlds has been massively expanded, so that insights and 'flashes of lightning' have become more and more natural for me. Even the experience and healing of previous incarnations, which were still to be compensated, more and more often happened by itself.

Also, I integrated more and more coherently into the gigantic unitary field of Mother Earth's life, the solar system and superordinate structures, so that I became more and more synchronized, making the blessing of happy 'coincidences' a normal thing. In this networking, I could communicate more consciously and use it to research life. Also, the flow of time that I was involved in changed so that I was able to realize projects faster and faster, sometimes at an incredible speed.

With the support of the MANNA Monoatomic Gold, I was again able to enhance many other beneficial developments and exhilarating experiences, which was further improved by the Alchemist in 2005 and raised to an even stronger mode of action by plasma induction. And since 2012, with the 20 other (but by proton resonance technologically produced) Monoatomic elements too. And I look forward to many more unfolding and enlightenment steps thanks to these wonderful beings. Because their support is truly unique, and they are among the most effective and powerful holistic tools I have come to know during the decades of my conscious development journey.

Of course, in my self-responsibility and my corresponding being and doing, I had to support and create many of these happenings, i. I had to work or direct with my mind, my thoughts, feelings and actions. Also, this did not happen with taking only one bottle, but was a continuous process over all the years. But with the Monoatomical elements, so many doors and spaces and powers and opportunities open up that I am eternally grateful to life that they accompany my life.

I wish this and much more to every person who wants to go his life with the unique support of the Monoatomical Elements.


PS1: I would like to mention one more important point here ... In the last 20 years, the interest in the monoatomic elements has increased very much, and accordingly the offerings of such products mushroomed. Although we already had the best and most genuine mono product from the beginning, we ordered (almost) all others offered on the world market for testing purposes. And unfortunately we had to realize that 100% of them were only weak or useless Ormus extracts, of which one did not know who made them from what and under what circumstances and what was really contained in them. Although many of them have been and still are touted as genuine alchemical mono products (which is just a good selling point), this is not true and is simply a lie.

We can say with good knowledge and conscience that with our mono-products we have found the only real products of this kind that are really made of the pure metals and not of any natural substance (like Dead Sea salt, volcanic ash, spring water, Seawater and others).
If you are looking for other products, out of curiosity or because they are offered cheaper, then just check their quality by asking the vendor or manufacturer for the production method, the starting materials, what evidence they have for the ingredients, inter alia bring these substances in your body, and they show their effect, even if they are weak Ormus substances, but unfortunately often insufficient and also with negative side effects, as we have been reported by many customers. So check what you are taking with you ...


PS2: There are also very strange articles from Anna Hayes and a White Owl and a Mr. Black on the Internet about the harmfulness of Monoatomic Gold, which is said to be addictive, with the intention of controlling the Mind by the Annunaki / Illuminati would spread and also destroy the DNA. Due to our 20 years of own experience, our countless tests and the many reports from our customers, we can definitely refute this ridiculous disinformation.

In addition, it is abstruse that the Annunaki want to enslave humanity with a substance that is hardly available and is taken by very few people.
As a manipulator, I would choose substances that are everywhere and are taken by as many people as possible.
Such as. Sugar, fluorine, food additives (so-called E-Nr.), Drugs, etc., as it is actually practiced. In addition, today's Mind Control Matrix has been optimally expanded by digital technologies such as mobile phones, TV, Internet, Haarp, etc., and is already being used nationwide. If we look at today's humanity, we can see that this manipulation has long been carried out and unfortunately also works well.

It is true that monoatomic elements upgrade our biophysical hardware (DNA, brain, chakras), so to speak, so that our mental-spiritual programs can be increasingly lived and used by our human persona in everyday life. That an energetic mutation of the DNA takes place is likely and also desirable, which is more likely to activate the 95% dormant DNA potential than a negative mutation (as in cancer or genetic damage).
Whereby each person is picked up on his current state of development and building on this holistically in his expansion of consciousness ie evolution is supported.

Of course, there is a habituation effect, since you experience the strong frequency acceleration more clearly just at the beginning (as if you accelerate a car with a lot of speed), and after a certain period of time, you feel it is normal. But there is no addictive behavior, and you can interrupt or stop the intake at any time. What one has taken remains in the body and forms a long-term energy field, which continues to work, even if one no longer occupies.

Such reports only serve to confuse people and prevent them from evolving. But if you read them with common sense, it is rather laughable.
Rather trust your own soul intelligence and resonance than any abstruse anonymous reports on the internet.


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