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The unique alchimistique Elixier for levitation, supra-compulsivity and DNA-Tuning


Monoatomic Gold is the non-metallic, non-toxic zero-valence form of Gold. Monoatomic Gold is a high temperature superconductor[1]. It can be manufactured alchemically out of 24carat metallic gold. It also occurs naturally in volcanic soils, seawater and in minute amounts in the purple or violet skins of fruits and vegetables and some medicinal plants such as red grapes, eggplant and violets. In recent years, some researchers have erroneously equated monoatomic gold with the Philosopher’s stone[2], which it definitely is not: Monoatomic gold was known and used in the Pharmacopoeia of Western Medieval Alchemy as ‘the retrograded calx of Gold that cannot be revivified’ [meaning it cannot be returned to the metallic state by conventional metallurgical processes][3]. Monoatomic Gold is known and used in Ayurveda as a bhasma of Gold that passes the test of apunarbhavatva or ‘test of non-revivability’[4]. Monoatomic Gold is not known to contemporary Western allopathic medicine and must not be confused with the gold salts that are used in allopathic medicine, which exhibit metal toxicity. Monoatomic gold is not to be confused with colloidal gold either, which retains its metallic nature. Monoatomic gold can appear in several colors; it is usually known as a white powder, but when treated with oxidizing acids, it becomes a purple powder, and is green in alkaline solutions.


Manufacture and Specifications of our Elixir of Monoatomic Gold 

We start out with 99.99% fine metallic gold and convert it to the monoatomic form by reacting it with a molten alkali metal and subsequent controlled sequential cascading detonations with water. The monoatomic gold thus yielded is stabilized by a direct interaction of the alchemist’s mind with the material. The stabilized monoatomic gold, together with clear quartz nano-clusters as amplifiers, is dissolved into a vegetable-derived solvent that has been imbued with the spiritus mundi and is extracted by circulation for six weeks in an incubator. This is the traditional method of Western Alchemy to produce elixirs as practiced by the Cathars and the Dutch School. This elixir is then pH-adjusted and treated with cold plasma technology for further enhancement, which yields our Mother Tincture. One part of this Mother Tincture is diluted with nine parts of alcohol and water and is succused (vigorously shaken) to produce the Homeopathic Potency 1X. Our formula is alcohol reduced, with only 25% alcohol by volume, and is manufactured in accordance with the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States in its current edition. Due to the high concentration of our Mother Tincture, the Homeopathic Potency 1X carries more monoatomic gold and quartz nano-clusters than it may hold in solution; an edible precipitate may form over time. We suggest shaking the preparation once before taking. 


Key Indications:

For Personal Transformation: Monoatomic Gold allows subconsciously held beliefs and worries to surface and become understood; this process happens sequentially, bringing to light one issue at a time. Monoatomic Gold helps to develop keen insight and psychic abilities.

For Medicinal Purposes: Monoatomic Gold acts upon the pituitary gland, inducing an increase in hormonal production, and is thus a rejuvenating agent. Monoatomic Gold strengthens the heart, enhances the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow and increases the production of semen. Monoatomic gold is a natural aphrodisiac.



Use as directed by your health care professional. Standard Dosage recommendation for adults: Seven drops per day under the tongue or in 1 oz of water between meals for one week. Reduce to 3-4 drops per day from week two onwards. In acute cases, up to ten drops several times per day or until symptoms disappear.


Discussion of Usage and Properties 

Our Monoatomic Gold elixir is designed to interact directly with your energy body. As such, the effect is immediate, as can be demonstrated by the instant change of brain wave patterns once the elixir is taken[5]


Typical applications as per our in-house provings are: 

For those who engage in meditation practices, it is a tool to reach expanded states of consciousness and sublime states of mind easily and effortlessly. 

In Alchemy, we see gold as the representative of the sun, which rules the fourth seal or chakra of the human energy body and rules the heart and the arteries, as well as the skeletal structure of the human body. Based upon this knowledge, it is not surprising that we can observe the following effects of gold: On a physical level, monoatomic gold increases stamina. Monoatomic gold increases and balances the production of your own hormones, thus being useful for the purpose of rejuvenation. Monoatomic gold strengthens the heart, and increases the production of red blood cells. Monoatomic gold is an aphrodisiac for both genders and increases the production of semen in males.  


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Select References to other Healers’ Findings on Gold 

Please note: We may omit those findings of other Healers that would be a reiteration of indications given above. This section is intended to provide a glance at several additional applications that other Healers have found in their practice; for a complete overview, we encourage you to peruse the referenced books. 

Paracelsus suggests to ‘obtain the virtues of gold’ in cases of “Paralysis, Fevers, Palpitation of the Heart, complaints of the Matrix, Peri-pneumonia, and in acute diseases generally.” (Waite, Arthur Edward [Editor]: The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus, vol. II, Berkeley 1976, Shambala Publications, p.225)   

The ancient Ayurvedic text ‘Rasa-Jala-Nidhi’ states: “Gold is soothing, pure, nutritive, curer of poison, phthisis, insanity and other diseases. (…) Gold increases vitality, fortune, beauty, intelligence and memory. It destroys all sorts of diseases, pacifies the evil influences exerted on human beings by ghosts, is an aphrodisiac and gives rise to happiness and nutrition. It cures disease, prevents senility, removes loss of memory and consciousness. It also removes thinness, develops the mind, and increases semen.” (Mookerji, Kaviraj Bhudeb [Translator]: Rasa-Jala-Nidhi or Ocean of Indian Chemistry & Alchemy, vol. 2, Delhi 1990, Parimal publ., p. 239f) 

Vaidya Bhagwan Dash writes in his contemporary work on Ayurveda: “The bhasma of gold is sweet in taste and vipaka (taste that emerges after digestion and during metabolism). It is aphrodisiac, cardiac tonic, promoter of eyesight as well as intellect and rejuvenating. It counteracts the toxic poisons. It promotes the complexion of the skin.” Under the heading Indications he writes: “It promotes longevity, maintains youth and memory. It cures serious types of fever, particularly chronic fever, nervous disorders, heart disease, tuberculosis, afflictions of voice, schizophrenia, epilepsy, hysteria, bronchitis, asthma, chronic diarrhea, serious types of anemia and cancer.” (Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan: Alchemy and Metallic Medicines in Ayurveda, New Delhi 1986, Concept Publishing, p.107)


[1] British Patent GB 2219995 A: Non-metallic, monoatomic forms of transition elements, D. R. Hudson [2] David Hudson spread this unverified claim as he promoted his to-be-produced monoatomic elements that he never delivered; see as a reference the Hudson-article in NEXUS Magazine Oct.-Nov. 1996, p. 41 [3] One medieval reference that includes a viable manufacturing process of monoatomic gold is: Jugel, Johann G.:Johann Gottfried Jugels freyentdeckte Experimentalchymie, Leipzig, Germany 1766, Publisher J.P. Krause, page 172ff  [4] Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan: Alchemy and Metallic Medicines in Ayurveda, New Delhi, India 1986, reprint 1996 Concept Publ., p. 107 [5]



David Radius Hudson is credited by most people in the field as being the originator of the term “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements”, or by its acronym, theORME.  Mr. Hudson began speaking publicly about his research and discoveries in 1995, when at that time he pointed out the multiple connections between the works ofZecharia Sitchin [1], the Anunnaki, the Tree of LifeThe Egyptian Book of the Dead,AlchemyImmanuel VelikovskySuperconductivityArk of the CovenantThe Adam's Family, and more recently the works of Laurence Gardner. [2]  There are also numerous researchers interested in a variation on the ORME, the ORMUS, where it is assumed that the working material is not necessary mono-atomic, but may be diatomic -- consisting of two (or more) atoms of the precious metals.


The story of Mr. Hudson’s efforts over the years is given in the form of a rough transcript of his presentation in 1995 at the International Forum on New Science in Fort Collins, Colorado.  As such, it serves as an excellent introduction to the study of the ORME, and its immense implications.  His story and the profound revelations of his work are well worth considerable study.  This is only the beginning introduction.  


Note also the Halexandria Forums for important up-to-date information. (7/20/08)



[1]  Sitchin, Zecharia, The 12th Planet, 1976, The Stairway to Heaven, 1980, The Wars of Gods and Men, 1985, The Lost RealmsWhen Time BeganGenesis Revisited, 1990,Divine Encounters, 1995, Avon Books, New York.  

[2]  Gardner, Laurence, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, 1996-1997, Barnes & Noble Books, New York; Genesis of the Grail Kings, 1999, Bantam Press, New York; Realm of the Ring Lords, 2000, Media Quest, Ottery St. Mary, England; and most importantly: Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Powers of Gold, 2003, HarperCollins, London.  





I was buying gold and silver as an inflation hedge.  Then got into producing gold from a natural source, old mining sources.  Mining worked well with the farming.  You beat Uncle Sam as much as possible out of taxes, and at the same time accumulate as much wealth as you can.  Leaching gold with cyanide process is like leaching salt out in the farming process.  More of a hobby than a business -- no intention of making money.  But something I enjoyed very much.  Did it for fun.           


In the process of recovering gold and silver, I began to recover something else, which was causing losses of the gold and silver.  Eventually it reached the point where the gold and silver would not recover at all because of the something else.  I then shut it down, in order to find out what the problem material was.  I am not a physicist or a chemist and had no idea what the stuff was.  It would recover and had a specific gravity; it would recover in the molten lead like it was gold and silver; it would flow out of the lead; but when I held the lead down, I had nothing.  The mining community refers to this as “ghost gold”, a non-assayable, non-identifiable form of gold.      


I then became involved with someone who does emission spectroscopy (ES), and became aware of work done by the Soviet Academy of Sciences.  When one does ES, it involves taking a carbon electrode, placing your sample on the carbon electrode, and then running a second carbon electrode down above it, and striking an arc.  When you strike the arc, the elements ionize, and give off specific light frequencies.  This is spectroscopic analysis.  In the analysis, it's done for 10-15 seconds before the electrode is burned away, and American Spectroscopists claim that anything there will be ionized and read within those 15 minutes.             


My sample was identified as Iron, Silicon and Aluminum.  I then spent three years in finding ways to take away all the Fe, Si, and Al.  Then, I still had 98% of the sample of the material.  On the arc, the material didn’t indicate to be anything.  It was nothing.  Back to Cornell University, where I worked with a Ph.D. who did X-Ray Analysis.  This involved: Cumming Microscopy, Diffraction Microscopy, Fluorescent Microscopy, and five other wonderful technologies.  The Ph.D. said that it was Iron, Silicon, and Aluminum.  Stayed there to remove it all.  Whereupon, the Ph.D. said it was “pure nothing.”  This wasn't good enough for me.  I could hold it in my hands, weigh it, perform chemistries with it -- it was something.  I then recalled that, according to the Soviet Academy of Sciences, the proper analytical tool is to burn the sample in the emission spectroscopic analysis for 300 seconds, not just 15.           


To do this, you have to sheath the electrode with an inert gas -- keeping all the oxygen away from the DC arc.  Otherwise, the carbon oxidizes and the electrode falls apart.  I set up to do this, using Argon gas to sheath the electrode -- literally keeping the oxygen away.  Because carbon is a very high temperature material, it will then last for 300 seconds.  When the material was placed on the electrode and the arc was struck, there was no reading at all for 15 seconds [other than “electronic grass” on the scope, as well as Iron, Silicon, Aluminum, and occasionally, traces of Calcium].  Then the material went quiet.  


[Argon gas if fundamentally crucial to Sonoluminesence, as well.  It also has an identical crystalline structure to such elements as Rhodium and Iridium.]  


Finally, after 90 seconds, Palladium (Pd) began to read; after 110 seconds, Platinum (Pt) began to read; at 130 seconds, Ruthenium (Ru); at about 140-150 seconds, Rhodium; at 190 seconds, Iridium; at 220 seconds, Osmium began to read.  The Russians call this fractional vaporization.  For example, when one has water in an iron container, you can't get the iron hotter than the boiling point of water as long as there is water present.  This is the basis for cooling systems in engines, and why automobile engines don’t overheat, as long as there is water present.  But once, the water is gone, the temperature rises very rapidly to the melting temperature of the iron.   


[The temperature of any well-mixed solution undergoing a phase change will stay at the temperature of the phase change until the phase is completed.  Also, the relevant boiling temperatures for the metals in the sample are: Calcium: 1420 oC, Iron: 1535 oC, Silicon: 2355 oC, Aluminum: 2327 oC; followed by: Palladium: >2200 oC, Rhodium: 2500 oC, Ruthenium: 4150 oC, Platinum: 4300 oC, Iridium: >4800 oC, Osmium: >5300oC.  (Silver has a boiling point of 1950 oC, while Gold’s boiling point is 2600 oC.)] 


Essentially, all of the emissions from the elements were coming off in the sequence of their increasing boiling temperatures.  The maximum temperature of the DC arc is, theoretically, in the center of the arc, 5450 to 5500 oC; while the sample was slightly away from the center.  Thus all the heat went into boiling off one element at a time, in sequence of their boiling temperatures.  They come off individually, as if there is nothing else in the sample.  


I continued to run sample for 2 and a half years, comparing it to standard samples.  The amazing thing is that commercially available samples of the precious metals, when placed in the emission spectroscopic DC arc, read within 15 seconds.  (And they assume they’re reading it all.)  But then it goes quiet, until after 90 seconds, it starts to read again.  About 85% of the reading occurs at the end.  In effect the people buying the commercially available samples and doing readings, are only doing about 15 to 20% of the sample.  And they assume it’s everything.  Short burn times don’t do the trick.  They assume the standard, and yet this is not the correct standard. 


 Keep in mind that the Soviet Academy of Sciences, the most prestigious scientific body in the Soviet Union and Johnson-Mathewe-Inglehart produce all the precious metals in the world.  The mining activity of the best deposit in the world in South Africa for six of these elements (Pd, Pt, Os, Ru, Ir, and Rh -- i.e. no silver or gold) may yield only one-third of one ounce of the precious metals per ton of ore.  They go a half mile down into the ground, following an 18 inch seam of material, to get 1/3 of 1 oz per ton of all the precious elements.  No one else knows it’s there, and no one can analyze it.  We, on the other hand, are able to derive and identify out of one ton of ore: 6-8 ounces of Palladium, 12-13 ounces of Platinum, 150 ounces of Osmium, 250 ounces of Ruthenium, 600 ounces of Iridium, and 1200 ounces of Rhodium!!    


This was then confirmed by a highly respected chemist and spectroscopy, including all of the colors of the solutions being correct, all the oxidation potentials were basically correct, all of the physical properties were correct.  An analytical chemist.  Consider Rhodium.  Rhodium produces a crimson, blood red colored salt.  That is how it got its name, from the rose colored salt, and the only element which produces this color.  Very conspicuous.     


When you precipitate Rhodium out of solution, you add bromade as the oxidizer, then you do a neutralization of the acid, and the hydroxide precipitates out of the solution.  You filter it, dry it, oxidize it, hydrogen reduce it, and you should have metal.  (Standard procedure).  But we neutralized the solution of the pure Rhodium, got a red brown dioxide, filtered that out, dried it, and heated it in a tube furnace under oxygen up to 850 degrees for an hour to dehydrate it, and we’d get this red brown idoxide.  Then we put it back in the tube furnace and hydrogen reduce it to a gray powder, and then take the gray powder in a tube furnace at 1000 degrees under argon, and it turned snow white.             


A commercial spectroscopic firm then analyzed three samples, and again picked up Iron, Aluminum, Silicon and Calcium.  There was no consistency between the three samples, which were all the same.  The material was 99.9% pure Rhodium, in different stages of the processing.             


The standards that are sold as labeled as RhCl3, when in reality they are Rh12Cl36.  It still has metal-metal bonds.  Even without the Chlorine, you still have the metal bonds, which are never lost.  But if you take Rhodium to the monoatomic state, you can end up with HRhCl4.  Then when you take away the Chloride, you get HRh (Hydrogen Rhodide).  A rhodide is a -1, instead of a +1.  The physical properties are more like an Iodide.           


When gold is produced as a monoatomic gold, it’s a forest green color.  As a metal, it’s a yellow gold.  No one has monoatomic gold as a commercial product.  Monoatomic gold is much more powerful, as in a fuel cell.  Boiling gold will never result in a monoatomic gold.  Gold has the 5d, 6s1 electron structure (the single s electron, like Sodium, Potassium, Hydrogen, and Lithium), and is thus explosively reactive.  Except that in the case of gold, it's gold reacting with gold.             


But in the bowels of the earth, in the volcanoes, nature is producing monoatomic gold.  When it comes out, 98% of the gold coming out is monoatomic, 2% is metal.  [Thus Hudson may not be making monoatomic gold, he separating it instead.]  We have worked with the yellow gold, converting it, but always coming back to yellow gold.  But when we get monoatomic gold, it never goes back to yellow.  And as monoatomic gold, it is not metallic, has none of the metallic qualities of yellow gold.           


If you use thermo-gravometric analysis, and you produce monoatomic gold, you get sort of a gray-black, hydrogen Auride (HAu).  When you heat it, and the proton is annealed away, this is the same way you produce Amorphous Silicon (Silane to Amorphous Silicon).  When you heat it,  the proton is annealed away, it goes to a snow white powder!  It loses 4/9th of its weight.  If you take it back to metal, it regains the weight.  As you kept annealing the material, it would levitate - literally taking the pan with it.  In cooling, it would sometimes go to 2 or 300% of the weight.  In heating, it goes to less than nothing.          


This only happens in the white powder form.  But mass has never left.  Losing weight when cooling the material (approaching absolute zero), and you have a superconductor.  


A superconductor is a material that has a single wavelength in the sample, a single vibration or frequency, much like a laser.  By definition, a superconductor does not allow any voltage potential to exist within it; it’s perfect amperage, but no voltage.  To hook up wires with ordinary current to the superconductor and get the electrons off the wire, you need voltage.  You have the tune the vibrational frequency of the electrons in the wire to that of the superconductors.  And to get them off.           


The electrons going into the superconductor have to pair, with a time forward electron with a time reverse electron.  When they pair, they become light.  Any amount of light can exist in the superconductor.  It doesn’t reside in any space time.  The only way to prove it’s a superconductor, is to measure a Meissner field.  Non-polar field (only field of its kind).  Superconductivity responds to magnetic fields.  Earth’s magnetic field is larger.           


A superconductor can see your thoughts in your brain.  Different parts of your brain lights up when you eat something sweet or something sour -- it’s a superconductor that sees it.           


When it goes to the white powder and loses 4/9th of its weight, it’s flowing light within it, in response to the earth’s magnetic field.  And it flows so much current that it levitates 4/9th of its weight on the earth’s magnetic field.  A human hand has sufficient amperage, that if you pass it under the sample, the material floats.  It’s that sensitive to magnetic fields.  All the 8 precious metal elements can do this.  Also Copper, Cobalt and Nickel.  So, I filed 11 patents.  


In 1990, my uncle showed me the Time-Life Book, Secrets of the Alchemist.  I was not interested in Alchemy; I wanted credibility in physics and chemistry. The book talks about a “white powder of gold”.  The goal of the alchemist had been to make a “white powder of gold”.  To make “the container of the light of life.”  If you stand in its presence, you don’t age.  If you partake of it, you live for ever.  I begrudgingly agreed to read the book       


I have since read some 500 books on alchemy, alchemy history, and it all goes back to a man named Enoch.  Thoth, Hermes Trisgetimus.  Same man.  Ascended by partaking of the white drops.  He never died.  Ascended because he was so perfect.   


I found a huge amount of research going on in treating cancer with precious elements.  That the elements have been found interacting with a cell by a vibrational frequency or by a light transfer and have been correcting the DNA.  Any alteration, any defect in the DNA is corrected by the precious elements.  It perfects the cells of our bodies.  But the element going into our bodies is not a metal, the element is not a heavy metal, it is an element.  So there’s no heavy metal poisoning.  You can eat any amount of this white flour and it doesn’t hurt you.  If you eat it, it just goes through your digestive system.   


I took some brain tissue from a pig, and some from a cow, and analyzed it.  They destroyed the organic, and did a metals analysis.  Over 5% of the brain tissue by dry matter weight was Rhodium and Iridium.  But no one knows it, because it can’t be directly measured.  The elements are flowing the light of life in your body.  The elements are in fact what the light is.  There are four papers by the U.S. Naval Research, that they have proved the cells communicate with each other by a process identical to superconductivity.  But they can't figure out the physical mechanism.   


It is the stealth atoms.  It’s the atoms in our bodies that flow perpetually the light of life.  But no one knows they’re there, because they don’t identify them by instrumental analysis.  And the reason they don’t identify them is also in the literature.  Since 1986, the top physicists in the world, at the Niels Bohr Institute, at Argonne National Laboratory, at Brookhaven...  They have found that there is a group of elements in the center of the Periodic Table that go through this strange state of existence.           


So most of these publications occurred between 1988 on, but my patents were filed first.  What they have found is that the nucleus of these elements were deformed, went to a high spin state -- what's called high spin nuclei -- and theoretically, these high spin nuclei should be superconductors.  Because high spin nuclei pass energy from one atom to the next with no loss of energy.   


This is what is in our bodies.  This is what flows the light of life.  And when you understand that a superconductor literally flows a single wavelength of light, but in fact the light is a null light, two ways that are mirror images of each other.  There’s no wave -- it appears to cancel, but the null wave is in fact, while not measurable directly, is what produces the aura around our bodies.  The aura is the Meissner field of superconductivity.           


In our bodes, we have all this junk DNA.  There are 30 aspects of the DNA that nobody can figure out what it’s there for.  We only use 15% of our brain.  What's the other 85% of it there for?  Did we evolve a brain we don’t use?  It’s as if we had, at one time, a higher state of enlightenment.  And we have fallen to the state we exist in now.             


In ancient Egypt, which I traced this back to, there’s a book, called The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani, by Budge.  This is the oldest book of the dead, from Old Kingdom Egypt.  They found it, dating from about 3500 B.C.E., in the tomb of Pepi II.  It says, “I am purified of all imperfections.  What is it?  I ascend like the golden hawk of Horus.  What is it?  I pass by the immortals without dying.  What is it?  I come before my father in Heaven.  What is it?”           


It goes on and on and on.  It keeps asking this question, “What is it?”   


The Hebrews worked in Egypt for many, many generations -- they were the artisans and the metallurgists.  When they left Egypt, Baalzelael, the goldsmith and Moses prepared the bread of the presence of God.  He prepared the bread that the high priest partook of, the Melchizedek priest.  The word in Hebrew that literally means “What is it?”  is manna.  The word, manna, literally translates, verbatim, into a question, “What is it?”  If you don’t believe it, look in the Travels of Josephus.  The very same words that were used in Old Kingdom Egypt, 3500 B.C.  [Pepi II reigned 90 years from c. 2300 to 2210 (traditional dating), or 1720 to 1630 (Immanuel Velikovsky’s dating).]            


Basically, these elements are naturally in your body.  It’s primarily Rhodium and Iridium.  Now the Bible says that Moses told the Hebrew people, “You have not kept the covenant, and so the manna is being taken from you.  But it will come back in the end times.  When we will be a nation of high priests, not an elect high priesthood.”  This is the food, the light, you take in your body.     


If you ask a Rabbi, have you ever heard of the white powder of gold, he’ll say yes, we’ve heard of it, but to our knowledge no one has known how to make it since the destruction of the First Temple.  The temple of Solomon.  This knowledge has been lost.  But it wasn’t completely lost, the high priests when they left the temple when it was destroyed, went out on the desert and organized a commune called Qumrun.  They were the Essenes.  In The Dead Seas Schrolls Uncovered [Eisement and Wise] this in ancient times, when the white powder was mixed in water, was known as The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus.  It was called, “That which issues from the mouth of the creator.”  The spittle.  Not the word of God, but the spittle. Or the semen of the father in heaven.  If you put the white powder in water, it doesn’t really disolve.  It forms this gelatinous suspension, and looks just like a vial of semen.  Being a Farmer, I know what semen looks like.             


The symbolism of “prepare yourself like a bride in the bridal chamber”, purify and cleanse yourself, prepare yourself for the coming of the father in heaven, to be inseminated by the father in heaven in the bridal chamber.  To totally be regenerated, to be purified, to be cleansed.  Every cell in your body will be taken back to the way it’s supposed to be, when you were a teenager or a child.  It perfects the DNA. And it flows the light until you literally reach the point where the light body exceeds the physical body.


In ancient Egypt, they said you have a physical body you must feed in order to grow as it’s meant to be.  If you don’t feed that child, he’ll never grow.  He’ll never become the person he’s supposed to be.  But you also have to feed the spirit body, you have to feed the ka, what they called it in ancient Egypt -- so it can grow and become what it’s meant to be.  And most of you aren’t feeding your ka.  It’s sitting there like a little runt inside your body.  And they said you feed it and feed it and feed it with the semen of the father in heaven, and it grows and grows and becomes more enlightened and more enlightened, and literally you reach the point where the light body exceeds the physical body.  You literally light up the room when you walk in.             


The gifts that go with this are:  perfect telepathy, you can know good and evil when it’s in the room with you, you also can project your thoughts into someone else’s mind.  You can levitate, you can walk on water, because it’s flowing so much light within you that you literally don’t attract gravity.  And when you understand that when you exclude all external magnetic fields, when you exclude gravity, you are no longer of this space time.  You become a fifth dimensional being.  You can literally think where you would like to be, and go there.  Just disappear.  You also have other attributes that they go into.  You can heal by the laying on of hands, and can cleanse and resurrect the dead within two or three days after they died.  You have so much energy that you can literally embrace people and bring light and energy back into them.    


Sounds pretty far out.  Most groups don’t receive this very well.        


If this is really what this stuff does, then let’s use it.  I haven’t achieved everything yet, but  it miraculously has cured every disease that we’ve tested on thus far.  Started with very incremental amounts of 2 mg (32,000 mg in an ounce), and have gone up to 50 mg -- 50 mg over a period of 60 to 90 days, cures cancer, Aids.  It’s the light that corrects itself.  You all know this.     


Christ said to his disciples, “Don’t touch me, I don’t have on my earthly garments.”  They asked, “When will we see you again?”  He replied, “When you have prepared the proper food and have on your proper garments.”  What is the proper food?  It’s the food of the angels, the food of the gods, the manna, the “What is it?” And your proper garment is your garment of Or, your Meissner field (what science calls it).  And literally, it’s about a thousand times what you have now.           


The amazing thing about superconductors is that they don’t have to touch for their energy to flow from one superconductor to another.  Electricity has to touch.  Superconductors can sit at a distance from each other, as long as they are in resonant frequency with each other, they are One. They function as one. So when you have your perfect super-conducting body, you’re not of this space time.  You are a light being, and your mind is one with other people’s minds.  You literally know their thoughts, and they know your thoughts.  You and they are literally of one mind, one heart, and this is science.         


The Bible says that the man who will plant the golden tree of life, which in Hebrew is the ORME tree (the name of my patents -- at the time I had no idea of the connection).  When my cousin joined the Morman Church, she had to do their genealogy, and his great, great, great grandmother is Hanah DeVries, daughter of Christopher DeVries, brother of Claude DeVries [see reference 2 above, and/or Holy Blood, Holy Grail].  Nostradamus worked for the DeVries family, and Nostradamus prophesied that by 1999, the occult gold will be known to science.   


The old enemy of religion, the old enemy of philosophy is science, but in fact science will serve up the confirmation and science will be the one who brings this to the world.  Religion has tried to do this for two thousand years, and it’s failed miserably.  The world is no dern good.  People are no dern good.  They’re greedy, they’re selfish.  The Capitalist system has worn out, based on selfishness and greed.  But Science can take this to the world in four or five years.  Once it is accepted and understood by scientists, the breakthroughs will just be astronomical.             


A basic analytical breakthrough.  You can fill yourself with this light.  In The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, not only did the Qumrun community have a metallurgical foundry in the middle of the city, you also find out that the teacher of righteousness, this thing they were totally preoccupied with, wasn’t Moses or Christ.  It says the High Priest swallows the teacher of righteousness.  The TR is the holy spirit, the TR for those scientists is the light, the zero-point light that isn’t measurable.  It is in fact the light, the god source within us.  Literally, we know all things.  We don’t have to read or study.  We just know.   


When your light body exceeds your material body, you don’t have to eat food.  You can if you want, but you don’t have to.  You have perfect telepathy.  How much more could you ever be judged than for everyone to know your heart and your mind.  Everything about you is known.  No more hidden agendas, no more lies, no more deceit.  Everything is known.  And this is called the opening of the book of light.  InRevelations, it says, “Blessed be the man who shall overcome, for he shall be given the hidden manna, the white stone of the purest kind upon which will be written a new name.”  He will not be the same person.  It’s encoded in your DNA waiting to be activated.   


It says that at 1160 degrees, the white powder of gold fuses to form gold glass.  It’s a transparent glass, just like window glass.  And in Revelations it says, “The streets of the New Jerusalem will be paved with gold of the purest light, as transparent as glass, and the foundations of New Jerusalem will be made with gold liken unto glass.”           


This is the gold glass, the very basis of the New Jerusalem.  The very basis of raising our self and our consciousness to this higher state.  This Or, this highest light, that will literally activate all of our DNA.  Will cause us to use all of our brain again, and we will return back again to the original state that we have created to be in.  Before we fell to the sleeping existence we know now.       


These elements are in all of the herbs, the herbal teas, and many of the vegetables you vegetarians are eating.  You get them in small amounts.  Through work, dedication, years of study and meditation, you can achieve similar results.  But it is really tough to be a Tibetan Monk.  This is called the Keys of the Kingdom.  You insert it, and turn it and...   It isn’t the answer, but the way to the answer.  But if you step through that door, that’s your decision.  Nobody’s going to make you take it.   


There are many people in this world that don’t want this to happen.  But this is the New World Order, just not the one George Bush saw.  It can be scary.  But it is here.  Every piece is now known to Science.  The philosophical implications are immense.


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