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Watercristal Pictures from our Monoatomic Elements


Water has very exceptional properties, i.a. it can store information because of its hydrogen connections. Water has a memory, so to speak. And this information can also be made visible.

The Japanese Masuru Emoto brought the topic of water crystals in the late 90s worldwide awareness, in which he published his research in many books and lectures.

The amazing thing is that the shapes change on the frozen drops of the same water, even without chemical or physical treatments, purely by energetic effects. These changes can be brought about by the world of minerals, plants, animals, humans and possibly also by the sphere of higher beings. The water does not have to be in direct contact with the matter. It is sufficient to expose a vial of water to the chosen energies for a certain amount of time. The energetic signature then becomes visible.

The geometry and the harmony of the water crystals are an indication of the quality of the information or energy stored in the water.

This is important for us humans because our body consists of 70% water and, as a biophysical organism, reacts very strongly to the energy of information fields.

The following are the first water crystal photos taken in distilled water, in which a bottle of our manna - monatomic gold was placed next to it for a certain time and thus the information was taken from the distilled water. (Distilled water itself does not have its own crystal structures and does not produce water crystals.)

Here are the definite results of what beautiful, positive geometries already create the energy field of our manna - monoatomic gold elixir in water:

As a further experiment, half a drop of our manna monatomic gold elixir was added to one deciliter of distilled water. Subsequently, drops of it were frozen and photographed under the microscope.

Note: The distilled water used is very rarely able to produce crystalline forms on frozen droplets prior to energization.

Again, a variety of beautiful water crystals have emerged:

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