Manna monoatomisches Gold & Elemente | © Blaubeerwald Institut®

MANNA - Monoatomic Gold® & other monoatomic Elements

CD with Music of Monoatomic Gold
of Josef M. Clearwater

The Healing-Sound-Music of the Monoatomic Gold activates the Soulpotential and Wisdom on all levels - Relief and Enlightment. It empowers the conciousness for undestructable values, supports the spiritual Evolution, opens for the cosmic-godly realms and creates a impenetrable golden Protectionfield.

Harmony, Dignity, Solidity, Aboundance, Safety, Warmth, Sincerity, Experience, Wisdom, Joy

The color Gold symbolizes the precious metal, the energy of the sun in a manifested form, which brings the qualities of the soul into the human personality.

1. Music for the physical body (18:17)
2. Music for the emotional body (16:01)
3. Music for the mental body (15:31)
4. Music for the spiritual body (14:56)

This Gold-Music completes the effects of the Monoatomic Gold in a excellent way.

Here you can order the CD "Manna-Monoatomic Gold":

Order CD for € 25,- (lengh 65 Min.)


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