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Combinations of Monoatomic Elements

Combinations of the different mono elements are possible, whereby the respective effect of the individual elements is even extended and intensified.

In particular, the combination of technologically produced mono-elements with the alchemistic MANNA Monoatomic Gold Elixir strongly potentiates the effect of the respective elements.

If you want to combine several monoatomic elements, we advise you not to combine too many different ones, because otherwise it could be too much. You can alternate the different mono elements daily or weekly, or take one in the morning, one at noon and one in the evening (then 1x 10 drops each).

We recommend that you personally test the correct mono elements at the moment (kinesiological, radiesthetics, etc.), so that the mixture is optimally attuned to your current psycho-energetic state. As a result, you avoid too intensive processes or do not overwhelm yourself.

Here are some tips for combinations:


Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (O.R.M.E.)
Unique blend of the 8 monoatomic elements of the platinum group

We recommend TREE OF LIFE for assistance with:

In this unique mixture of the 8 monoatomic elements of the platinum group, put together according to old recipe, the effects of the individual mono-elements increase and form higher synergies. TREE OF LIFE works for the purification, transmission and expansion of our consciousness tree or inner world tree, which we actually are as multidimensional beings of light. In the ancient traditions, it is described as rejuvenating, DNA-optimizing, curative, intelligence-enhancing, mind-expanding and enlightening.

Here is the detailed description

Monoatomic gold with monoatomic boron
To strongly activate the brain and consciousness potentials, and to better manifest the mental desires (theory) in the physical reality (practice) - if necessary, also combine with monoatomic vanadium.

Monoatomic silver with monoatomic copper
To strengthen and heal the female side / inner woman in connection to the soul (thus also concerning earlier life) - in case of traumatas and abuse additionally combine with monoatomic germanium.

Monoatomic gold with monoatomic iron
To strengthen and heal the male side / inner man in connection to the soul (thus also concerning earlier life) - in case of traumatas and abuse additionally combine with monoatomic germanium.

Monoatomic gold with monoatomic germanium
To letting go of the limiting ego structures and negative patterns, feelings and experiences in the subconscious and to reinforce the soul presence in everyday life - if necessary, additionally combine with Monoatomic platinum.

Monoatomic gold with monoatomic iridium
To improve the grounding, steadfastness, courage and strength, to live his soul-consciousness and his true being in the earthly everyday life - possibly combine with monoatomic iron or vanadium.

Monoatomic gold with monoatomic platinum
To integrate the ego into the soul and to strengthen the physical heart and the heart chakra as expressive organs of the soul in man.

Monoatomic gold with monoatomic osmium
To improve the conscious soul contact, the inner voice and the channeling in everyday life.

Monoatomic gold with monoatomic zirconia
To increase the inner light down to the cellular level and improve the light quality of the thoughts, the feelings and the energy system

and many more...

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