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Herstellungsort des alchimistischen MANNA Monoatomischen Gold Elixiers


Production place of the alchemic
MANNA Monoatomic Gold Elixier





Description of the manufacture of Monoatomic (not monoatomaric) Gold and the resulting essence out of it, which is generated with the Spiritus Mundi:

The Monoatomic Gold is manufactured out of 24 carat metallic gold by dissoluting in molten sodium metal and then by detonation with water, followed by precipitation, separation of residues, ph-neutralization etc.
In addition his power In addition, its effect is subsequently enhanced by cold plasma. This unique manufacturing method makes the Manna the strongest and best monoatomic gold product we have been able to find on the world market since 1998!.

In medieval times it was amalgamated hot with mercury out of metallic gold by western alchemists, then amalgamated with sulfur, obtained through destilling of mercury sulfide – the residue of this destillation is monoatomic gold or the Calx of Gold which cannot be returned to the metallic state by conventional metallurgical processes – in past times colleagues said, the Calx that cannot be "revivified".

In Ayurveda it is the Ash of Gold or the Bhasma of Gold that passes the test ofapunarbhavatva or 'non-revivability'. 

Simple Gold-Calxes are only oxides of course, but medieval alchemists as well as the Ayurvedans have known this special form of the Calx which should certainly not be lumped together with metallic oxides.

The manufactured monoatomic gold is not traceable as gold any more in most of today’s common analysis techniques. Only in the ICP-Analysis where it is returned ("revivified") via plasma, it is analyzable as gold.

Obviously in medieval times, plasma was not available as analysis technique! In the ordeal, monoatomic gold remains a non-metallic residue.

Monoatomic Gold has no free valence electrons according to today’s terminology, just as noble gases don’t have any, but acts as a chemical bond which modern chemistry is trying to explain with electrostatics. 

None of my information has been channeled, everything can sturdily be verified in the laboratory.

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