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Testimonials of clients

The well-known researcher and international Bestseller author ERICH VON DÄNIKEN with our Manna Monoatomic Gold Elixier

DAVID ICKE, holistic Researcher and international Bestseller author:
"Hello Martin, I am using your Manna and really enjoying it. Please send me more of it!"

HARALD KAUTZ-VELLA, german scientist and awareness Researcher (known from numerous lectures on Geoengineering, Transhumanism, Chemtrails, Black Goo, a.o.):
"In the case of monoatomic gold, I am very cautious, as such products really have to ensure that the gold ato
ms are actually in the monatomic state and do not form colloids. But unfortunately this is not the case with most products, but we have found a product at the Blaubeerwald-Institute in best quality that meets our high demands!"

MARTIN STRUEBIN, founder of the Blueberry Forest Institute, seminar leader, medium, healer, holistic coach, alternative consciousness researcher, distribution of monoatomic elements and others.
Here is his detailed report from more than 20 years experience with the Monoatomic Elements…

Catharina S. from Alsdorf:

"Hello Mr. Strübin, I'm with the techn. Gold, Silver and the Vanadium and the Rejuventation very satisfied. I notice a lot of changes. I look even younger than before, my skin certainly relaxes more and I am more relaxed, calm and serenity, dreamed at the beginning of a lot and old moving stuff, sleep much less than before, and with the Vanadium came then the turbo - thoughts become things! Sincerely Catharina"


Thomas F. from Immenstadt, businessman:

"Hello, thanks for the great monoatomic gold - it's really great!"


Johanna Z. from A-Ternitz:

"Dear Blueberry Forest Team, I've been taking the Monoatomical Elements for over a year now, and it has transformed so much.
Due to the MANNA, my vibration increased a lot, so that my image world and clairaudience intensified while meditating. Most intensively, I found Chromium and Zinc, which Mr. Strübin recommended to me in order to redeem self-condemnation issues. It was very painful in the liver and kidneys at the first takings and a lot of anger came up, but I am glad that I now attract a lot of nicer people, who accept me the way I am and I could even move out from home, where I suffered a lot from my family.
Furthermore, I am generally more optimistic, manifest more easily positive living conditions, depressive states are very rare. My relatives all transform themselves, even if I do not resonate with some of them. For this, others have also developed very much parallel to me, where you can now support each other.
The Iridium also helped me a lot to get rid of any negative influences. My grounding - after drug use and traumatic experiences from this and especially previous life - has improved, and I draw easier people in my life, which help me to establish my stability and spiritual skills.
I have already taken all the monos that are on offer at least once, and each of them has enriched me. Even acquaintances / relatives of me often feel the effect already after the first intake and things dissolve with much more ease, since the resonance field changes very fast.
The clairvoyance of Mr. Strübin is extremely good and one notices that the welfare of the people is important to him. It is a thoroughly serious Institute. Warm regards, Johanna "


Josefine B. fromCH-Au:

"Hello, I like to order again Monoatomic Gold and the Rejuvenation Formula To the products I can only say, simply * TOP * !!! SINCE THE INCLUSION OF THIS WONDER AGENTS I JUST FEEL GENIOUS! I'm on all levels * dazzling *! Thank you and best regards from the Sonnenstube Rheintal"


Johannes K. from Hillesheim, IT entrepreneur:
"Hello Martin, we do not know each other, but I have ordered Monoatomic Gold from you, hereby I would like to share my experiences with you:
At first, I had an emotional cleansing, which was very helpful to me, as I spent the last year only studying databases about crime in nature. This has especially appealed to me and robbed me of much life force.
With this cleaning (everything went out of all the upper holes of my body for 3 hours) somehow EVERYTHING negative came out of me. Since then I can laugh again and am, as it used to be, in a good mood all day long.
After that, I noticed that skin blemishes that I've been fighting for years have simply disappeared - from today to tomorrow! At the same time I noticed that I have much more intense dreams while sleeping.
But the best comes to the end: When the manna was used up, I found out that ALL (!) What I think in my mind so in seconds was present in my environment. I miss something the words to describe the appropriate. I am sure that these are all effects of the gold. "


Sophie K. from Munic:

"Hello, thank you ... it's so fantastic this Monoatomic Silver, love Sophie"


Wiltrud M. from Düsseldorf:

"Hello Mr. Strübin, I am looking forward to your shipment of the Manna Monoatomic Gold, because we tested it and found out, that it is an excellent means of defense against AI or for protection against artificial intelligence, whose influence becomes stronger and stronger daily, and we have to expect its docking in the next years. Best regards and a nice weekend, yourWM."


Dr. Roberta R. from A-Velden:
"Dear Mr. Strübin, I have received the goods Thank you very much.
I am deeply impressed by the exceptionally high quality of this product. Without doubt, it is a non-terrestrial technology. Through my work - I am working on New Physics - I get in contact with many people across Europe, to which I would like to recommend the Monoatomic Gold. Hereby I would like to ask you politely if I can be accredited as a reseller. I am looking forward to your reply. Greetings Roberta. "


Sound dreams (via YT):
"Hello, I would like to tell you about my amazing experiences, which I did after taking MANNA.I take the drops for about a week.As a first reaction, physical ailments have first intensified, similar to that after taking Symptoms have gone down since then, but I had a very strong experience of what happened to me 2 or 3 days after I first took them in. On Saturday I visited a self-help group that I have been attending for many years, but this time I experienced one Breakthroughs of insights like never before, my emotional reactions were very strong too, and the following day, suddenly and unexpectedly, I met a great love ... pretty much for the few days I would say, now I have a lot of work to do. So, if you ask me, that stuff has it! "


Christel S. from Mellrichstadt:
"Hello, the energy emanating from the Manna Gold Bottles is indescribable, I just pick it up and it makes me 'cook', meaning I get hot all over the body, although I tend to be too cold. Thank you for this great product."


Daniel R. from NRW:
"Dear Martin, I hope you are fine, I am very satisfied with your monoatomic gold." Summary of development since the first intake:
- My IQ and my perceptions have taken a leap forward
- The existence of extraterrestrial life (previously only a guess) is crystal clear to me now
- some puzzle pieces of my worldview have now joined together, everything is connected!
- Meditations have reached a deeper level
- Health problems could be reduced or I am able to support my body more consciously in self-healing.
In short: I am probably still a spiritual child but have made a big leap forward. This is certainly not alone due to the monoGold, because I have worked much more on myself and the expansion of consciousness - but it has certainly made his contribution to it. Thank you for making this product available! "


Linda M. from Bahrain:
"Dear Martin, I hope your blueberry forest is beginning to thaw...!
I wanted you to know that I am thrilled and delighted with the Manna and Monoatomic Boron I purchased from you, and I am ready to purchase more to continue this wonderfully transformative journey.... Thank you for making these available!"


Carmen L. from Dortmund:
"Hello, I've been taking Monthly Gold for 6 weeks, I take it in and use it externall. It had an amazing effect on me, and after 3 days I found myself suddenly in some kind of bubble - a blue purple bubble that surrounds me- After 6 weeks, I noticed a light streaming from my fingers, it's golden. My skin has rejuvenated, my organs are working well, and the amazing thing on my skin was treating a dark birthmark with gold. It was sublime and very dark, the majesty was gone after 7 days and it was getting brighter !!!!!! A birthmark that showed up on my hand completely disappeared after 2 days .I feel healthy and my memory is better than ever, my ability to think, especially in the field of logical thinking, has improved tremendously. In addition I have been taking monoatomic Germanium for just over 2 weeks and my skills have continued to improve. I always say: Gold do your work and Germanium do your work. ..and it works! My perception has become even better ... I am excited and take it further. I will try all monoatomic elements. Thanks a lot."


Silvia Anna F. from Herforst:
"Dear Mr. Strübin, I would like to tell you how happy I am about the many positive effects of the monatomic elements silver, gold and germanium on my well-being and thus on my overall quality of life , Wounds from the past and also problems with the release of contaminated sites with an easiness to change, which I can hardly grasp, ten years, I worked with a medium mentally, but the success was unsatisfactory I have been able to fall asleep for the first time without any herbal remedies, and that is still the case today, as if a switch had been placed in my life, and I have a joy like never before Glad to have these wonderful products in my life.Thanks to your Silvia Anna "


Gabriele S. from Leopoldshafen:
"Dear Blaubeerwald team, I have already ordered the Manna several times and am very satisfied. Thank you for these wonderful products."


Susanne L. from Berlin:
"Hello Martin, thank you, I'm really looking forward to it and can use it very well right now. My dreams, my consciousness and so on have changed a lot. And my daughter, who does not really believe in such things, told me that they had unlikely intense dreams. And I notice that the vibration increases, that some people often behave differently. It is the positive high vibration, that you feel in a person, whether you are meditating, in love, very healthy lives, has success, etc. - depending on. I'm curious what I'll experience everything this time. Thank you in advance and all the best for you, Susanne. "


Susanne W. from Pforzheim, Healing practitioner:
"I am happy and happy to have the monoatomic products and to use them in my practice, they are fantastic!"


Elisabeth C. from CH-Gümligen:
"Greetings, Mr. Strübin, please send me another 10 vials of manna, monoatomic gold, I have already distributed everything.
I've been taking the substance for a month now and feel the effect. I have the impression that she is plastering the whole system for me and I had to sleep a lot, even during the day. Now I am clear!
Here is some information about it from Matthew from USA:
Matthew answered a reader's question as follows: <I have found much scary information about taking Monoatomic Gold on the Internet. Can you explain how it actually works in the body?
The purpose of this information - it is a good example of MISS information on the Internet - is to keep you from the most valuable substance you can take. Not only does it strengthen the immune system, it also helps health in general, because monoatomic gold helps cells to regenerate faster; increase the frequencies in the body; the function of the organs improves; the process of transformation of carbon-based cells into crystalline cells is accelerating; and it activates the DNA. All of these benefits to the physical body result in better brain activity, and that brings with it increased consciousness, spiritual clarity, and inner balance.
Individuals affected by the darkness want to discourage you from these benefits, so they simply put false, fear-based information about Monoatomic Gold into circulation."


Bartholomaeus Alfons L. from Stadtbergen:
"I want to thank you for the alchemically produced monoatomic gold, I'm loosely 30% more powerful in every direction, my skin is younger, I need much less sleep and other positive effects!"


Milena R. from Kiefersfelden, Medium & Healer:
The first thing that struck me was the extremely high vibration of your Monoatomic Essences. I put them one by one on the kitchen table and felt a very strong tingling, almost heard a singing and felt, how the energy rose so much that my hands hurt. It was not an unpleasant pain, but still felt a pain slowly moving through the wrists of my fingers through my wrists. Finally, it was as if the energy from my crown chakra was coming out of my body, my whole body was filled with high energy, and at times even got dizzy, so I had to put the test set back in the cardboard box.
In the evening I took for the first time the Manna Monoatomic Gold, the next day in the morning Germanium and at noon seven drops of Boron. Since then I feel a great strength and confidence in ascending, also my mental perception has increased a lot. I feel this essence building a connection to my Higher Self, causing me to eat much more consciously and avoid harmful foods.
I'm also sure that I'll be able to handle my current physical issues with your products, and I'm convinced that their essences come from very high levels of light, which right now will help people on their way into the new age.
In the meantime, there is an incalculable flood of nutritional supplements, some of which are sold through more than dubious distribution channels. However, with your products, I feel the love of the spiritual world and I am infinitely grateful that I found these highly vibrating essences about you. Thank you for this true gift of heaven.
I wish you continued success and a never-ending stream of abundance and light energy that will fill your soul with joy."


Fritz S. from Munich:
"Hello, after the first test phase I'm already thrilled, I can say that the mono-elements have begun to work from the time the order was placed, so here's my first reseller order."


Eva S. from Hohenbrunn:
"Thank you very much for your fast delivery, which fulfilled my expectations fully.Today, my next order as a reseller will soon follow. My best regards and hearty greetings to the mystical blueberry forest"


Kerstin M. from Usingen:
"I would like to order the monatomic gold again, I feel that I should take it further, it heals so much and I become calmer and stronger and I can use."


Christoph K. from Zimmerbach:
"Dear blueberry forest team, thank you very much for the monatomic elements, especially the alchemical gold, which shows very good effects, the mood freshens up and you are more and more in itself, as if everything were illuminated right down to the last cell , Cleaned and expanded so that more space and depth arises.I feel like from the energy point of view as in the first years of my life.
Thank you and all the best."


Marlies S. from Hamburg:
"Hello, Mr. Strübin, I am very enthusiastic about your Monoatomic Gold, my husband, who has been suffering from diabetes for years, has almost normal blood glucose levels (previously in the morning by 300 mg/dl, now 140 mg/dl), and my chronic back pain is almost gone. Thank you very much."


Monika S. from Berg:
"Hello Mr. Strübin, since about two months I take the monoatomic elements and am very satisfied with the way of working."


Christine G. from Ibach:
"Thank you for your recommendation of the monatomic elements, and I am more and more aware of how much I need the iridium to build up this inner shelter within me. I am very thankful for that. Also for the silver.
There have been some things done in the meantime, and I no longer feel so vulnerable and without protection when certain attacks occur. Sincerely, Christine."


Marie C. from Albstadt:
"Thank you very much, Mr. Strübin!^Mono-Germanium has already shown effect with me. I have tried very much and probably waited for these essences! Best regards."


Gerhard D. from A-Graz:
"I have recently ordered monoatomic gold from you, and I've been using it since I arrived. There has been a marked improvement in my physical condition. The metabolism seems to be strengthened. My mood has been brightened and my thoughts have changed in a pleasant way. I have become considerably more powerful and resilient."


Fabio A. aus I-Palermo:
"Dearest Martin, I'm just using your REALLY excellent product. I'm really astonished! Your product it's GREAT and the new Energetic Activation is a really substantial boost. I'm assuming more that the daily recommended quantity so I need to order another one, but this time in the 100ml bottle, asap. Your friend Fabio :)"


Poulad G. from Portugal:
"Hi Martin, I already got the Manna and I'm near to finish it, it is very nice, I can feel my body absorbs it with all my cells and I feel a huge energy, my brain works considerably better, specially I'm in my exams, it arrived quite on time, I'm enjoying it very much. I want to order one more and also for all my family members. Thank you, kind regards."


Michael R. from Passau:
"Since I started taking monoatomic gold, "things really get going". I am consciously aware how it is helping me to heal and to let go many burdens of the past. It is really intensive and a great support in my process. But also my mental abilities are showing ever more in everyday life. Simply great!"


Thomas G. from Nuremberg:
"I am taking monoatomic gold for some months already. Although I have been working consciously for many years on myself and have solved many of my life subjects, with Manna it went considerably deeper. Past issues came up on a much deeper level and I had to face it again consciously. But the solution/healing is getting easier every time. I can feel my center even better and my kundalini even stronger."


Dr. Ilsemaria F. from Utting:
"Thank you very much for the delivery and also for the extensive, fascinating information. After the first three days of monoatomic gold intake, I am very impressed and have recommended you and your travel offers in my circle of friends. Please send us a package of 10 pipette bottles at distributer conditions"


Hans M. from Volkmarsen:
"Dear Mr Strübin, I just got back from Dr. C. from Bad Arolsen. He has tried the 10 ml monoatomic gold and the result is definite. It has optimum effect, very positive and very strong. I assume that he will approach you when he wants to purchase some for himself and his patients. Many thanks for everything and enlighted greetings from the beautiful Waldecker Land."


Ernst K. from Cottbus:
"I am excited! Thank you!"


Arthur G. from Rio, Brazil:
"Dear Martin, thank you for sending me the Manna. The quality is fantastic, just like you had said. How can I become a representative here in Brazil? Of all the people and companies with whom I spoke and called the USA, China, Britain and France, you are by far the most reliable and serious person. Again thank you for existing. Arthur"


Heinz U. from Horschbach:
"Dear Martin, the monoatomic gold is a real highlight, also my girl-friends’ reaction is very positive! We would really like to pass it on. Please inform us about the distributer prices. Kind Regards."


Uwe R. from Merida/Mexiko, Travel Organizer and Seminar Leader: 
"Hello Martin, my Manna bottle is empty now and I really have to say that I am feeling different – simply brighter and fresher! Difficult to describe what this Manna is doing for a person when you are "healthy". But I don’t want to wait until I need it for other reasons. So please send me more bottles because it is doing me good."


David M. from Taura:
„I am taking Manna for 3 months and always in the evening just before going to sleep. Until now I haven’t forgotten it even once because it is important to me.
In the first weeks of intake I noticed strong activities in my head (brain), how can I say , some kind of headache but however not very awkward and a certain pulsation in the head, which is not showing very often in the last weeks any more or I just got used to it.
Furthermore I noticed that I became calmer, usually I am easily annoyed and short tempered. This is disappearing slowly.
What strikes me strongly is the dreaming during the night. In the past ten years I hardly had any or just short dreams and the memory of them. Now I am dreaming every night and a downright coming to terms with the past is happening which I remember very clearly the next morning.
By pure chance I am working out (jogging) since February and noticed within the last weeks that I am sort of absent while jogging (which means I am running just like that and partly I am deeply lost in thoughts and myself, I never had that before.) And to some extent extremely improved performance.
My latest changes are happening with my eyes, I am wearing contact lenses for a few years and I have the strong feeling that my eye-sight is improving, especially in the mornings before putting in the lenses I notice the effect best, I can see more clearly.
And I noticed that complete strangers turn around to look at me, whether I am stitting in the car, jogging or generally just walking through the city. Sometimes they even stare at me. That ist really weird because I seem totally unobtrusive. I am looking forward to further changes.“


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