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MANNA - Monoatomic Gold®
& other monoatomic Elements

Effects on intake


The “Divine Bread” of initiates for expansion of consciousness and restoration of the superconductivity of DNA

We should like to point out that Manna - Monoatomic Gold is no remedy and also no miracle cure. Although it shows unique characteristics and when taken, it releases considerable improvements on all levels, however it is still variable in every person which positive changes happen in which period of time.

Basically it can be taken lifelong. But also „cure intake“ for 6 to 12 months can cause a lot of positive results. You should keep in mind that we are feeding 50 - 70 billions of cells and this could take a long time until the high, levitating vibration becomes noticeable in everyday life.

In the past it was only given to people who were working consciously on themselves within closed circles or who were consciously living a spiritual way of life. But today’s time quality and world situation enables or requires for an extensive distribution.

Some clients are feeling the elevating effect right after the first intake, some are dreaming very intensively in the first weeks, some are feeling some pressure in the head in the beginning or get a hot head, others experience healing reactions on the physical level, others in turn are being confronted with their negative feelings...

In the beginning you can experience certain "healing reactions" because the high frequency and the light radiation of the Monoatomic Gold has biophysical (and not only energetic) effects on your body and your energy system. Think about the fact that in the past this alchemistic substance was only accessible to members in spiritual circles who devoted themselves to the Holy Work. But in today’s time of transformation it is important that more and more people benefit from its unique characteristics. Depending on your individual structures and precedent healing and transmutational work, healing crisis can appear as a result that, however, serve to your own good.

These cleaning phases can take from a few weeks up to a year. The more you consciously contribute on each level (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), the faster/deeper the phase succeeds.

Parallel (after a few weeks/months) to that a much exhilarated attitude towards life establishes. You are more centered, you are not upset about things anymore that drove you crazy in the past, you are feeling well without any particular reason, intuition is increasing more and more, you see more behind things, serenity rises (also in/about yourself), you find faster solutions for challenges (and you are not stuck on problems), meditation conditions are becoming deeper/higher, telepathic experiences happen more frequently, you are living more and more in synchronicity and you are at the right place at the right time, clairvoyance can occasionally appear.
What clearly has an impact is the manifestation of thoughts. Barely thought, already happened! All the more important then is the conscious thought control!

Reactions to the acceleration can reveal on all levels and are a positive sign for the unfolding of the levitating and superconducting effect of the “Gold-Monos”:

Physical: Old wounds, infirmities and problem areas can suddenly come forward once again. These psychosomatic appearances disappear shortly afterwards just as sudden as they came forward. This shows that physical legacies are resolved. Because of the detoxication, light headache might occur or a light head pressure (especially on the forehead where the 3rd eye is located) in the beginning. Also a hot head is a sign for the activation of brain areas.

Emotional: The first emotional clearing reactions are mostly shown in very intense dream experiences because the subconsciousness can perform the processing and erasure of emotional wounds and dramas better while sleeping. After a few weeks up to months this process normalizes whereas the sleep quality improves expicitly and the important deep sleep phases increase. Also inexplicable emotional vacillations might occur that demonstrate, that heavy, negative feelings are released in the emotional body.

Mental: Fundamental healing reactions do not emerge here ostensibly. In fact you experience a conspicuous increase of clarity and the recognition of negative thought patterns and mental convictions. Also you see more and more the true cause behind apparent things and situations. And what increases considerably on this level is the stronger and faster realization (power of manifestation) of thoughts. Here, you are forced to pay more attention to your thoughts and to practice thought control if necessary.

Spiritual: Spiritual crises can occur here when you are not living or when you are suppressing your spiritual way, your determination and your true potential. However, these will pass, and the more harmonious, the more you use these insights and the more you implement your spiritual being. By and by, the more spiritual (mental-spiritual) abilities might appear (clairvoyance, telepathy, out-of-the-body journeys etc.).

Supporting measures:
Please consider the fact that because of the intake of Monoatomic Gold, all areas of the human being are exposed to an unbelievable acceleration and levitation. Therefore you need increased appropriate support, so that the individual changes can be integrated harmoniously and gently:

- Nutrional supplements, lemon juice, flower pollen (bee products among others), algae products, vitamines and minerals, ATP (fuel for cell or mitochondria) a.o.
- Daily adequate love, sunlight, oxygen, 2 - 3 liter pure healthy water and nature energies.
- Regular fasting cures, rest periods and downtime, emotional attention, breathing exercises, Yoga, Chi Gong or Tai Chi, spiritual “work” and meditation.


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