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Interview with Martin Strübin:
The fabulous effect of the 5th Monoatomic Elements

by Roland Jakobowitz from AGEVita magazine, November 2018

(Translated by google translate - sorry for any mistakes ;-)

RJ. The descriptions of the effect of the Monoatomic Elements sound quite adventurous. Rediscovering the light of life. From the esoteric scene one hears here as well: "I send you light." That's well meant, but literally you can not take that. To be able to do that, one would have to be a light person. And there are only a few in the world. So what do I have to understand by that?

MS: Basically, one has to understand that we are actually condensed light, i. Matter is light at a very low vibrational level, so it is just as electromagnetic elements. All human beings have the ability to use their powers of consciousness (spiritual, mental, emotional and energetic) to influence the frequency of their being down to the level of the atoms of our physical body. If we now take substances such as the monoatomic elements, which are at the so-called laser threshold between wave and particle, so to speak, in a semi-physical state of aggregation, they bring both our body and our consciousness step by step in a higher and higher frequency state of being , This causes our thoughts, our feelings and our energy system (chakras and meridians) to become ever more luminous, and finally, the low vibration of our physical body with its cells and atoms vibrates ever higher. If this is then supported by appropriate meditation and energy work and lifestyle, as practiced in the ancient Mystery Schools, so our light frequency can be permanently increased until we finally can perform the fabled light body process of resurrection. This means that our frequency exceeds the physical level of the third dimension, and we reach our original state as spiritual beings.

RJ. What do you mean by superconductors? Can you explain that even more?

MS: A superconductor is a substance (such as a metal) that can receive, store, and release energy and information without loss. The science has long been looking for a way to equip our technologies with superconductors, since our technology unfortunately loses much energy at the current state and the energy yield i.d.R. less than 30% of the energy invested. Nowadays it is only possible to produce the superconducting state with special metal alloys at very low temperatures of over -100 ° C.
But the monoatomic elements are superconductors at room temperature, which of course provides tremendous opportunities for our current technology, which has been researched by scientists for several years already.
The interesting thing about this is that we humans and our DNA strands are also superconductors at body temperature, and when we 'upgrade' them by taking in monoatomic elements, their performance, information and energy can be received, stored and recovered increase up to 10,000-fold increase, which confirmed experiments in the US a few years ago.

RJ. What does "worthless DNA" mean? Blood is blood and genes are genes. What the hell does it have to do with the THEN?

MS: The Human Genome Project, which allegedly completely decoded our human DNA several years ago, also discovered that of all the genes and DNA sequences in our cells, only max. 10% are really responsible for building the amino acids and structuring our physical body. Mind. 90% of our DNA is still unstructured and can not really be assigned by the scientists or one does not know what it actually exists in our cells and for which processes they are responsible. This is why it is also commonly called 'silent or dormant DNA' (formerly, junk DNA ', today' silent DNA '). However, nature does not waste anything, and this 90% unstructured DNA shows that we still have many attributes and potentials that we do not yet use, comparable to the max. 10% of our brain potentials that we use so far. So, we are far from having reached the end of our development, and humanity today faces the holistic challenge of awakening and using these still inactive abilities and structures of our dormant DNA. But for that we need the appropriate 'drivers and programs' and the knowledge of how to use them.
The Monoatomic Elements support us in this gigantic process, combined with the holistic exploration of these inactive portions of our being and their potentialities, as well as corresponding energy practices and awareness techniques.

RJ. Gosh! It says "... until you reach the point where the body of light exceeds the material body, they literally illuminate the space. "Forgive me when I say: So I take the remedy, become enlightened and then those whom I meet ?! The kiosk woman, the gardener, the butcher? Pardon. I think the remedy is good. But that's going too far for me.

MS: Monoatomic elements have qualities in them, but they pick everyone up where they are, because each person is at a unique point of development. Each person creates unique qualities and vibrational fields through his thoughts, his feelings, his words but also his spiritual activities. Every human being has a unique character and an individual being. So it is clear that the Monoatomic Elements, despite their fundamental information and force fields, in each person act individually and are perceived and experienced differently by each. This description of the Lightbody is a process we are all on, but each at a different level of the spectrum. And, of course, one has to do his part, because even if the monoatomic elements activate potentials, humans first have to have the necessary basis for them and learn to use them responsibly and consciously.

RJ. How is MANNA different to other Monoatomic Gold products?

MS: The MANNA is a real alchemist-made, pure gold-based monthly gold elixir, which is the strongest product we've ever found on the world market. It is produced in high quality on the old manufacturing way, as it is handed down from the ancient alchemical writings, which is additionally combined with new technologies and thus increased in its intensity.
In addition, we have an assortment of 20 other high-quality monoatomic elements that are made by proton resonance technology because, unfortunately, our alchemist can only convert the gold into the monoatomic state. But even these are very effective in their effect on body, mind and soul, as each element has its specific information and force fields, which are released only in the unatomic 5th aggregate state.
Unfortunately, many alleged monoatomic products are now available on the Internet, but they are merely Ormus products, i. E. they are weak extracts of natural substances (e.g., Dead Sea salt), which carry only small amounts of monoatomic elements, if any, and have a very weak action. Also, such Ormus products are often offered as alchemical, which is not true.

RJ. I read: "Every cell in your body is returned to the state it should be, to the teenager or the child." There is no reason to fear that since childhood, since teenage years valuable experiences that helped us to maturity and help us to get lost? I would be hard to thank for that.

MS: It's not about erasing our experiences, it's about harnessing the potential of each cell to remain eternally in a state of youth. Because this possibility is in every cell, which is scientifically proven. However, our way of life causes us to become more and more defective, which we then call aging. Theoretically, we could preserve this youthful condition for centuries, as it has been recorded in the ancient scriptures, that there were people who lived for several centuries. The reason for our aging is not only the burden of bad and bad nutrition and poisons, but also stress and electrosmog, and also the negative quality of our thoughts and feelings, as well as our ignorance about how we use our spiritual ability to maintain a vital and youthful body can use.

RJ. "Supposedly you do not have to eat." Are you still eating?

MS: Yes, albeit little. This should be seen in the context of the 'prana diet' as handed down to us from Vedic cosmology and meanwhile practicing thousands of people worldwide. This means that, with some preparation, we could only feed on the pure life energy, the light in all things (prana or chi), which is the source of life contained in the food or substances contained in it , Therefore, organically grown foods that have ripened on healthy soils in the sun are much healthier because they are full of prana and biophotons, and thus feed our energy system and our body much better.

RJ. "You will not be the same person anymore." Who? Since I would be reluctant with my present understanding, but I feel, where I am, quite well in my skin.

MS: Of course we are used to existing in this very limited state of being (10% max.) Which is far below our true potential. But we could be much more and live much more than we are currently doing. This is what this statement refers to. We can become a 'whole' person who lives 100% of his abilities, not just 10%. Then we are not the same person anymore.

RJ. About the effects. Damaged cells (including brain cells) should be regenerated. One should give the means to some rulers of this world. Joking aside. If something is damaged and that is likely to be the case with every person who has lived, suffered and worried, more or less. Can you differentiate that? For example with an example?

MS: Science has long ago discovered that our body has the wonderful ability to heal itself from all damage and degeneration if it gets the support it needs and is not burdened with harmful substances and energies. The Monoatomic Elements miraculously support this regenerative ability.

RJ. The means have an influence, is undisputed. Just think of alcohol, cannabis, spagiric and homeopathic remedies, natural remedies such as valerian and the like. Here it still says: "The sleeping potentials should awaken, increase the quality of life, increase performance, intensive emotional cleansing." Etc. That goes much further. If this remedy really succeeds then it really is a miracle cure! And then the price would be dirt cheap. Your personal experiences with it?

MS: That's right. The support that the Monoatomic Elements give us, in conjunction with our own holistic efforts, is priceless. Seen in this way their price is really dirt cheap.
My own experiences, which I have made in the course of time with the intake of monoatomic elements, readers can read it here.

RJ. As a dose 7 drops / day is recommended. If I take a break, for example, a day or two, does that lose its effect? And how long do I have to take this. For example, one month is recommended for a Lapacho tea cure.

MS: No, the effect is not lost, as the monoatomic elements are metabolized by the cellular system and remain in the body and have a lasting effect. Of course, a certain habituation effect occurs over time. So it is helpful to take a break of a few weeks from time to time.
And how long one takes the monoatomic elements is individual. Everyone has to decide for themselves how far they want to support their development, the solution of certain life problems or the activation of certain abilities by them, and when it is enough for them and is satisfied with the achieved state.

RJ. AGEVita thanks you for this interview.

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