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MANNA - Monoatomic Gold®
& other monoatomic Elements

Recommendation for intake


Please shake the bottle before use. Take the drops directly under the tongue and let it sometime in the mouth, to the additional absorption through the oral mucosa.

For the alchemical manna Monoatomic Gold Elixir 10ml we recommend 7 drops per day (in the evening before bedtime) directly under the tongue. If the alcohol disturbs you, then take it with a little water

For the other Monoatomic Products technologically prepared, we recommend 2 x 10 drops per day (morning after getting up and in the evening before bedtime) directly under the tongue.

Please note, that if you drop quickly, the 10ml or 30ml sizes reach for one month, the 100ml sizes for 3-4 months. Should you however drop slowly, the droplets are larger. They thus occupy a higher dose and the contents are exhausted faster.

The optimum time of ingestion is just before bedtime, as the body can metabolize monoatomic elements best overnight, and also the subconscious is during sleep very receptive for energy. If you want to activate the effect more daytime, then take it short after rising or midday.

The recommended daily dose may be adjusted individually. Hear on your inner voice and feel intuitively. In some ranges a smaller amount is enough, while others want to enhance the impact and take a double or more of the recommended daily dose.

You can put the Monoatomic Elements directly on the skin (in pure or in salves), either with respect to a particular chakra or body region where you want to create the effect particularly.
In children, you should make sure that they do not get too much and then become overtightened. Especially with hyperactive children you should start slowly and observe the effect first. So start with 1-3 drops (Manna) or 3-5 drops (techn. Mono-Element) and slowly increase the dose at will, if necessary, diluted with a little water.

It is important that you listen to your body and your intuition. Since taking the monoatomic elements can be seen in the long term, feel or test after weeks / months of taking, whether you need a break in between. Since the effect of monoatomic elements in the body and in the psyche caused much "work", we need constantly breaks from 1 to several weeks.
Also you need to provide your cells with adequate energy / high-quality food, thereby the mitochondria can produce more ATP (cellular fuel). Due to the high physical and energetic radiation, and in particular on our DNA, our bodies may be required and may need more energy. Provide balanced, nutritious diet and take eventually Nutritional supplements.


TIP: Activate the monoatomic elements in a spiritual way. Be aware that they are intelligent beings that respond to your thoughts and feelings, if you communicate with them or contact them meditatively. So you can instruct their effect additionally purposefully or strengthen.

Mixtures: You can also mix and combine different elements, but we recommend no more than three, because it might be too much else. You can change the different Mono-Elements weekly or daily, or take one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the evening (then 10 drops each).

Storage: Do not store at high magnetic fields or in direct sunlight. Possibly refrigerate in summer the technologically prepared Mono-Elements. Make sure not to contaminate the dropper or liquid with saliva, especially during the summer.

Supporting activities:
Please note that due to the ingestion of monoatomic elements, all areas of human acceleration are exposed to an increase and acceleration. Therefore, we recommend appropriate support for the body, mind and soul, so that the changes can be integrated harmoniously and smoothly:
- Nutritional Supplements: lemon juice, bee pollen (including Bee Products), seaweed products, Moringa Oleifera, vitamins & minerals additives, ATP (glucose fuel for the cells and mitochondria) and others
- Daily sufficient sunlight, oxygen and 2 - 3 liters of pure healthy water.
- Nature stays, enough time for themselves, breathing exercises, yoga, chi gong or tai chi, spiritual "healing & transformation work", fasting, silence and tranquility and meditation, love, sensuality and tenderness.

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