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Quality features

Due to its unique features Monoatomic Gold or monoatomic elements became increasingly popular over the last years. They are being researched more and more not only for technical applications. Particularly their stunning  effects on humans is making them a unique substance and the reason why they have been in use in adepted schools of mystery for thousands of years.

There are more and more suppliers which allegedly offer monoatomic elements in various products. In part they are using a different notation (such as: Gold with additional Mono-Elements, M-State-Elements, Ormus and many more) but increasingly as Manna Monoatomic Gold. We would like to inform you as a seriously interested party about the frequently inferior quality as well as the questionable production and content.

Please make sure you are well informed about suppliers and producers of such products, where the monoatomic Gold is coming from, how exactly it is produced and what amount of monoatomic Gold (or potentially other elements) is actually contained in the product.

In traces monoatomic elements appear even in nature. For instance in soil of volcanic regions (i.e. Utah, USA). There are products on the market which simply contain this soil in a purged form, or therefrom extracted Mono-Elements. Such products contain monoatomic Gold only in minute amounts, are of an inferior quality and potentially not approved for consumption. On top it is claimed to contain monoatomic Indium and Titanium which do not belong to the group of Platin Metals and therefore do not even exist in a monoatomic state of matter.

Mixing these elements lead to a chaotic state of energies because they cannot connect in a harmonious way and upon intake will harm rather than benefit the body.

Ocean or spring water contain monoatomic Elements too which are filtered or extracted as monoatomic Gold or Ormus. Here, too, you are dealing with inferior products which could possibly even contain heavy metals or other poisons.

In this case you are not buying a true and authentic alchemical Gold-elixir but merely a potentially harmful excerpt thereof! We explicitly want to advise you against the intake of these products, particularly products of ZPTech or Alchemy (Deepak Gunia) for implications are incalculable. Self made and cheap products are being sold over the internet at an increasing rate. Descriptions often are  copies of our own and products are literally assembled by pseudo-Alchemists. This is a truly questionable business policy(practice) and under no circumstance is to be supported. Implications due to the intake of such products are incalculable. 

Lately there are circulating videos on Youtube in which the home made production of monoatomic elements is being made palatable, allegedly according to the original recipe of David Hudson. Obviously this is a tempting perspective - just like the cheap products offered by those. A fool is who is to believe in such a practice and to belie the laws of Alchemy. Of course everybody has the freedom of choice and is free to consume such uncertified cheap products, "spooning their own mono-soup", but at their own risk and strictly according to the laws of life "those who want cheap, will get cheap!".

(addition to the law of resonance: under the pretense of being able to produce unlimited amounts of Monoatomic Elements David Hudson embezzled millions of investors money!)

According to our research we would like to point out all products, except for Alchemia Nova respectively Nature2Nature, to be inferior products consisting of only extracts from natural products and are significantly less effective if not even harmful. We tested alleged Monoatomic Gold Products worldwide (Ormus, ZPTech, Arjuna, Atlantis, Golden Elixier, Alchemy, Deepak Gunia, Ascension Alchemy, El Grial, Gold Ash Powder, White Powder Gold and more) and could only find these two manufacturers to meet our standards of quality.

Ormus for instance is a milky fluid and is generally ascribed to be and promoted as Monoatomic Gold. However, it is a condensate derived from natural products (such as ocean water, spring water, vulcanic sand/ashes etc.), containing only a few monoatomic elements, if any at all. Mostly it is home made and never gets tested for quality. Therefore the consumption of Ormus products is not recommended. 

There are other products sold as Mono-Gold but they merely use a few drops of our Alchemical Manna and simply add salt water using Himmalaya brine or others which is why we want to discourage you from buying such inferior products (i.e. Amazon, ebay and others).

With our "Manna-Monoatomic Gold Elixir" we can rightfully claim to offer a world wide unique product which is produced in a truly alchemical way using 99,999% metallic gold and is highly potent in its effect. Also, our technologically produced Mono-Products are produced according to german quality standards and guidelines.

Ever since the rediscovery of mono elements (released by David Hudsons researches in the 90's) we've personally known the producing alchemist who is a skillful expert dedicated to dealing with and researching this subject matter since 1998. At that time already he was getting a lot of attention world wide for the production of his "Manna-Powder". With his group of scientists called "Green Valley Trust" he was internationally researching the effect of his alchemic substance over many years. Finally in 2005 after further development using modern and new technologies he was able to refine his Manna and even raise its quality and efficacy resulting in a by EU standarts as of 2008 officially certified food supplement, officially registered as "Monoatomic Gold Elixir".

The exact process of production  as well as the precise amounts of actually contained amounts of Monoatomic Gold is officially publicized by our manufacturer (for your personal review please see here).

Comparative testing with similar products  (Alchemy2012, ZPTech, Arjuna, Gold Ash Powder, White Powder Gold, Aurum Potabile, Ormus and others) as well as independent testing by our customers approve of the extraordinary quality of our product.

If you are unsure we recommend to administer your own tests and comparisons, we'd love to hear your results.

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