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The holistic healer training

to the CHT-Practitioner Part 3


This final third part started in 2013 for the first time, as other important tools and application tools have been added in recent years, and work on the different energy levels of the human being has also expanded. 
Accordingly, in this new 3rd part you will be introduced to deep-energetic healing work as a CHT-Practitioner. 
You will also receive unique knowledge from 30 years of clairvoyant healing work about the deeper functioning and tasks of the 12 chakras and the 13 body system. 
In meditations and partner work you will also deepen your own all-embracing healing and awareness.



Seminar contents:

  • You expand your knowledge of the subtle areas and fine material bodies 5, 6 and 7 as energy distributors and filter systems
  • You will learn the tasks of the 5 higher chakras and the higher fine material bodies (8-12), and how to activate them specifically
  • You learn the meaning and the healing work with the 5 elements: earth, water, air, fire and ether - as well as the corresponding TOR points to activate these in the body or energy system
  • You will receive valuable information from our long Experience for your healing activity
  • You experience meditations to improve your healing abilities!
  • You expand and deepen the contents of part 2
  • And you strengthen your own self-healing in partner work and Expansion of consciousness!
  • In partner work the theory is immediately put into practice, thereby treat you yourself and are also treated by your partner
  • Besides learning this technique you will also experience healing yourself
  • You can register after this part as a licensed CHT-Practitioner become independent
  • As a licensed CHT-Practitioner you can register for the CHT-Coach training apply
  • With supervision and feedback on your healer quality
  • With detailed seminar folder
  • [With accompaniment at the AURA-System (only with Christine Strübin)!]!
  • With final exam and license certificate after the 3rd part


No previous knowledge necessary, although advantageous!


No previous knowledge necessary, although advantageous! seminar fee: 
€ 940,-/part with Christine Strübin
€ 840,-/part at the CHT-Coaches
Fees incl. VAT and seminar documents
Plus room & board
* subject to alterations 

Would you like to receive an education bonus as a gift from the state?


Seminar dates & venues:

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