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The Holistic Healer-Training To Become a CHT-Practitioner Part 2


In the advanced second part you are introduced to the professional practitioner work and receive important information about the connection between specific physical and psychological problems. Furthermore you learn the functional ways and purposes of the chakras and the 4-body-system as well as the energetic connection to the physical organs and glands. In meditations and partner work you deepen your own all-embracing healing and dawning of consciousness.

Seminar objectives:
• You learn about the connections of physical and psychological 
   problems as well as their causes!
• You experience the purposes of the 12 chakras and 4 bodies and their 
   relations to the physical body, to the organs and to the 
   endocrine gland system!
• You receive information about astral creatures, implants and other
   energetic and spiritual influences!
• You receive precious information of many years of our experiences 
   for your healing work:
- Work with seriously ill patients (depression, schizophrenia, cancer etc.)
- Astral creatures, implants and other energetic influences
- Kundalini, 12-Strand-DNA, Mer-Ka-Ba and Light Body
• You experience meditations to improve your healing abilities!
• You learn exercises to improve your concentration and to activate 
• And in partner work you deepen your own healing and 
   heightening of your awareness!

• In partner work the theory is transferred immediately into practice while
   you are giving treatments as well receiving treatments from your partner
• Besides learning this technique you will experience healing yourself
• You can work self-employed as healer & practitioner with this technique

• With supervision and feedback about your healer-quality
• With comprehensive seminar guide
• With accompanying of the AURA-System! 
• With certificate as CHT-Practitioner!

No previous knowledge necessary, even though advantageous!


Seminar Fee:

€ 840,-/Part

Fees incl. 19% value added tax

*Subject to alterations


Seminar Schedule & Locations:

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