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Cantor Holistic Touch®


The holistic Healer-Training to become a CHT-Practitioner


“Healing never happens on the physical level. Revealing only the effects of a psychological-energetic cause. Medicine alone cannot heal but in the end just suppresses and blocks. To heal, emotional, mental and spiritual issues must be addressed, to help heal and sooth the suffering of the spirit!


Representatives for holistic energies like the well- known Dr Rüdiger Dahlke have known it for a long time and have informed the public for decades about it. An ill body is inhabited by an ill mind and all conventional healing techniques that have been known in the western world so far do only treat the physical body. There, it cannot be successful in the long run. Unfortunately the orthodox medicine, including psychiatry, belongs to these limited healing methods where body, mind and soul are purely materialistic regarded. The consequences are more and more suffering people, despite constantly increasing expenses and improved technology.


Because of the current phase of evolution more and more energetic healing techniques like Homoeopathy and Acupuncture disseminate in the last years. They assume an expanded conception of the world and include the energetic levels of the human being. But they as well reached the end of their possibilities. For they do not consider and heal the higher levels of cause of the emotional, mental and spiritual body.


In 1984 CANTOR, the healer of the spiritual hierarchy began to spiritually transmit his technique Cantor Holistic Touch® (formerly known as BodyWork by Cantor) to Christine Strübin. After 8 years during which Christine was able to experience the unbelievable effect of this healing work in countless individual treatment sessions even with seriously ill patients and with patients who had to be released from the conventional treatments, because there was nothing else for them to be done, he finished his training. After that, in 1992, he gave her permission to teach his technique to other people.


This technique is unique because the healing power of the CHT-Practitioner is led and intensified by the energy of the spiritual master CANTOR. His healing effect is working well-directed on all areas of the human being. The physical body and its organs and systems can be supported as well as the chakras and the ethereal bodies! Thanks to this multidimensional co-operation, Christine Strübin was able to support many hopeless people in their healing process.


Cantor Holistic Touch® is a spirtual healing technique considering all levels of multidimensionality of a person. Thanks to the co-operation with CANTOR this world-wide unique technique has a energetic healing effect on the physical body as well as on all ethereal bodies: The energy body, the meridian and chakra system, the emotional, mental and spiritual body, and naturally also the organs and all the way to cell level and DNA structure.


There is a network of energetic GATE-points located all over the physical body, similar to the acupuncture points. These are, depending on their position, connected to the different topic areas of the human psyche. In CHT we use these GATES to influence all blockades, traumas and negative structures of the human being in a transforming and healing way.


In this course, the corresponding GATE-points are activated or cleansed analog to the subject of the treated person, the blocking aspects and experiences are solved, the ego-consciousness is heightened and the blocked energy of life is brought to a divine flow again.


During the treatment the CHT-Practitioner is working together with CANTOR intuitively, energetically and even telepathically. CANTORs higher perception can say best where the cause for the problems or illnesses manifests and how they can be healed optimally. CANTOR makes striking findings, which are regularly confirmed on the part of medicine.


Besides CANTORs healing energy, which is flowing through the CHT-Practitioner into the client during the treatment, other energies are also used well-directed: Programming (healing forms of thoughts and images), the 7 cosmic rays, colors and the 4 elements.


And the CHT-Practitioner is also treated by CANTOR during each session and becomes a bit more conscious each time. Additionally each treatment given by a CHT-Practitionerincreases his/her own healing powers, too.


Cantor Holistic Touch® cannot only be applied successfully to physical and psychological issues. With this technique chakras or the energy flow can be balanced or a holistic wellness-treatment can be given, which is considerably effective more deeply and continuously than conventional methods.


Of course it is also suitable for the acceleration of the spiritual development and the intensification of the creative powers and abilities. The activation of the Merkaba, the Light Body, the Kundalini Energy and the 12-Strand-DNA is possible as well with this healing technique.


Cantor Holistic Touch® can be combined with every other healing technique because it is universal and not limited to a certain form. Many Reiki Masters learn this technique because they want to deepen their healing work and to use it for better results. Just as Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Reflexologysts and Shiatsu-therapists who want to expand their work increasingly to the ethereal levels, so that they can achieve a more all-embracing healing effect. The combination with healing stones and essences, color and sound therapy is also possible.


No previous knowledge necessary, even though advantageous!


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