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The Holistic Healer-Training To Become a CHT-Practitioner Part 1


In the first part of this profound healer training you are instructed step by step working together with CANTOR, to follow his lead intuitively with some telepathic practice and to pass on his energy to the client. He intensifies your own healing power in a multiple way and expands your personal perception concerning the connection between consciousness and body as well as illness and health.

In direct application you learn the grid of the energetic GATE-points and by using them, you will experience in your own body how to influence healingly all areas of the human being. Additionally you will be shown how to further heighten the effect of CHT with programming, the use of the 7 rays and colour energies.

In this course you will apply what you have learned immediately to your seminar partner and he will treat you intensively as well. Of course this includes the healing and clearing of your own subjects!

Seminar objectives:
• You get to know and to distinguish CANTOR and his energy!
• You are instructed on how to be able to work together with him!
• You get to know the energetic GATE-points, that are spread over 
   the whole body like a network, and their holistic effect on body and psyche!
• You work with programming, the Pattern-Method, the 7 rays, 
   the 4 elements and colour energies!
• You learn how to protect yourself properly during the treatment!
• You apply what you learned at once in partner work and also receive 
   treatments yourself – through all this you experience the effect of this
   holistic healing technique immediately for yourself!
• You cleanse and heal your own consciousness, free yourself of old 
   negative experiences and experience expansion!

• In partner work the theory is immediately transferred into practice while 
   you give treatments as well as you receive treatments from your partner
• Besides learning this technique you also experience healing for yourself
• You can start working self-employed with this technique as healer &  

• With supervision and feedback about your healer-quality
• With comprehensive seminar guide
• With accompanying of the AURA-System! 
• With certificate after completion of part 2!


No previous knowledge necessary, even though advantageous!


Seminar Fee:

€ 840,-/Part

Fees incl. VAT

*Subject to alterations


Seminar Schedule & Locations:

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