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From 2008 on, there is finally the next step of the CHT-Training available: 

Eligibility is the participation and successful final examination as CHT-Practitioner 
as well as some time of practical experience with this unique healing technique.


With the fulfilment of the requirements you can apply for the CHT-Coach Training and will be then invited for a test-weekend.


At this test-weekend …

· Christine Strübin will evaluate the quality of your work as CHT-Practitioner

· you will be informed about all news of the technique

· you learn about the course, the contents and the costs of the Coach Training

· you will once again enjoy holistic healing sessions yourself for a whole weekend under the supervision of Christine Strübin.


After successfully „passing“ the quality test you can definitely enrol for the training to become a CHT-Coach.


Contents of the CHT-Coach-Training:

• The GATE-points, to teach "beginners" their meaning and effects and 
   to supervise the practical use

• Explain the energy system and the energetic connections of the GATE-points

• Teach the 7 rays, the effect of colours and programming and to supervise
   the practical use

• Teach the work via the 7 levels and to supervise the practice

• Teach the psycho-energetic and psychosomatic connections, the
   cause and healing of illnesses

• Explain “energetically hooked” into a past life, astral creatures, healing
   reactions and more

• Work supervision of the prospective CHT-Practitioner

• Group leadership, human resources management and aftercare

• Personality training and working on personal subjects

• How to get participants for your own CHT-Trainings

• Explanation of joint advertising and projects

• Implementation of training contents after completion

• Practical training at a present CHT-Coach


Training fees:

Weekend € 250, - / 4-day-block € 500, -

Altogether € 1.750 for the training seminars, plus Licence fee.

Fee incl. VAT
*Subject to alterations


Afterwards you are licensed as a Blueberry Forest CHT-Coach to train CHT-Practitioners in the German-speaking area, in the European area or worldwide (depending on licence)


You learn about all details at the test-weekend (CHT-Coach 1) of the CHT-Coach Training. The next date is taking place on 13. – 15. February 2009.


Find the complete CHT-schedule for 2009 here


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