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Feedbacks from CHT-Practitioners


Doris & Uli B. from D-Passau, Practice for Physiotherapy

"We would like to thank you both very much. We are now working for quite some time with Cantor Holistic Touch® in our practice and achieved great successes with our patients. Especially with chronic symptoms like for example rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, anorexia, depressions … the success is simply unbelievable."


Dietmar G. from D-Aschaffenburg, Physiotherapist:

"Cantor Holistic Touch® is the most intensive treatment I know and which I use with respect in my physiotherapy. The advances are immense and not comparable with any other method. I use Cantor Holistic Touch® for numerous illnesses for example parkinson, ms, stroke, vegetative dysfunctions, hypertonia, slipped discs, depression etc. and the results are almost incredible."


Roger D. from D-Tittmoning, Spiritual Healer:

"Dear Christine, dear Martin, I would like to thank you not only for the beautiful and successful seminar. Cantor Holistic Touch® proves to be particularly effective and succinct. Many people already experience the removal of old emotions during the treatment. Images and memories appear, partly from infancy, which the clients already stored as “forgotten”. Often I, myself, am surprised – and the clients even more! I am treating some people from my direct and private surroundings regularly and can therefore follow the changes on top of that. These people already show calmness, sovereignty and above all a very deep zest for life after only a few treatments. To see the shining of these eyes and the changes of these people to their own selves fulfills me with great joy! Thank you!"


Sylvia M. from CAN-Durham-Ontario, Therapist & Healer:

"I know Christine right from the beginning when she started teaching Cantor Holistic Touch® back in `92. I worked at that time as a Nursing Instructor and was using CHT only in my spare time. Friends and Neighbors were very interested and I achieved allot of relieves from chronic pains, weight problems, arthritis problems and   psycho-logical problems. Since 2000 I live now in the beautiful Country of Canada and have stopped doing anything for awhile until 2004 when I became a Reiki Master/ Teacher. In 2006 I was introduced to Body Talk and became certified. In one of my sessions I was working myself through those YES & NO`S and was lead through the Protocol Chart to a place were it says "other Modalities" I asked through everything I know and finally ended up with CANTOR HOLISTIC TOUCH®, once again entering into my life.
Since that day I am using it on a daily basis and I am so happy about it. Trusting CANTOR and following his leads has become really second nature to me. My sessions are being more in depths as they have been ever before."


Rosalia V. from D-Ehekirchen, Naturopathic Practice:
"Already during the channeling training a lot was cleared and dissolved. Now, during the Cantor training I was able to let go of the remaining “old waste”. For me it is the absolute calling to give people this treatment. 
The loving encounters and contacts with body, mind and soul are gorgeous. The leading through these levels to the point of being there in a painful situation is practiced and guided by Christine Strübin with unbelievable love (almost galactic). In the treatments in my practice she is always my archetype. 
The Cantor treatments during the training week were a far-reaching experience for me which I can recommend to everybody. 
After Cantor II I was greeted with open, loving arms at home which was absolutely unusual. I have never figured out, why no one understands me although I knew exactly that what I said and did was absolutely right. The stigma being an outsider and not being a ‚team-player’ followed me all my life. I wanted to belong to something and tried to adapt permanently and to be compatible for the others. Which was bound to go totally wrong!!!! 
With the channeling and Cantor training I now know where I belong to. To myself and it is great to feel good in your own life. The certainty to also belong to a family makes me exceptionally happy. I thank Christine and Martin Strübin who welcomed me to the “Blueberry Forest family” from the bottom of my heart.


Carmen H. from D-Langenzenn, CHT-Practitioner and CHT-Coach:
"With CHT treatments I was able to help many people already, for example: 
A man age 53 who suffered of neurodermatitis for many years. Nobody was able to help him successfully. With CHT I had great success and a happy client. 
A woman age 48 had a lump in her back which disappeared after four CHT treatments
as if it never existed before.
A man age 46 Jahren suffered heavy depressions and was occasionally not able to speak or walk correctly etc. With several CHT treatment I was able to help him reduce his depressions considerably and cause unbelievable success for him."


Britta E. from D-Aying, Personal Fitness Trainer, CHT-Practitioner and CHT-Coach:
"First of all I would like to thank Christine and Cantor that I was allowed to be trained in this wonderful, profound and really extensive holistic method by you! Again and again I am enthusiastic what Cantor Holistic Touch® can achieve.
Since 2003 I am working successfully with CHT on clients with different diseases. Often clients with acute pain are completely symptom-free during the treatment. They consistently confirm how deeply they can relax during the treatment and what kind of easiness a treatment brings about. Blockades dissolve, accumulations are flowing once again.
Also if someone has the feeling to move in a circle in his life, to mark time or is in a hopeless situation, he gets a new drive with the help of CHT, becomes more self-conscious and finds new ways for the solution of the problems.
Often I get the feedback that the release directly shows in a way that the client declutters and cleans the house. And that many of them take their life actively into their hands again because they can finally see their path, their wishes and needs clearly and start to implement them consistently.
Some of my clients have lived through a long life of suffering with many surgeries, long-term treatments and a diversity of therapies. They consider CHT as the best method of treatment by far. I am happy that Cantor Holistic Touch® offers such fantastic possibilities to support people with their cure. Thank you!!!"


Anita G. from D-Nuremberg, Seminar Leader and Therapist:
"I of course feel very comfortable being a CHT-Practitioner now. I really liked the training and Christine has given more than 100% as a teacher once again. You feel very secure and in safe hands. She sees her students through their processes in a loving and competent way. 
During the training you are excellently prepared by Christine in theory and practical work to implement the work with Cantor Holistic Touch® independantly and joyful immediately. It has been an intensive time of learning but we were having many laughs and a lot of fun with Christine and the whole group. Thank you for that."


Claudia K. from D-Oberstaufen, Entrepreneur and Therapist:
"Dear Christine, dear Martin, I have to give you a word of praise. Your trainings are very sound and professional. I have already attended many seminars but I have never experienced such successes and positive changes anywhere else. Best regards."


Martina K. from A-Vienna, Therapist:
"I made the decision to participate in the Cantor Holistic Touch® Training at first to simply get a feeling if I have the ability for this kind of work after all. I drove to the first part of the training with mixed feelings, not knowing what to expect. Though after a very short period of time all doubts were completely dismissed because of Christines very direct and very down-to-earth kind of nature to deal with the subject. The mixture of excellently led practical work combined with easy to digest theory and last but not least Christines loving and at the same time humorous personality made the access to Cantor appear really easy. Thanks to Christine a very harmonic atmosphere was built within the group right from the beginning that supported the work a lot. After the first course all of my acquaintances and relatives were invited immediately to practice therapy sessions. After only a short period of time "regulars" crystallized already. 
The second part of the training I would never have skipped – obviously the other participants thought so, too – we met again all present! The knowledge now became refined and polished. The evenings with additional practicing and exchange were almost always too short. A real community formed around Cantor, Christine und Martin, which marks the beginning of a wonderful task: To work as channel through which you are able to stand other people by their side, while being integrated securely in a network yourself! Thank you Christine and Martin for the wonderful way you showed me – I am looking forward to the future!"


Anna W. from D-Aurachtal, Consultant:
"I am the best prove for the effect of Cantor Holistic Touch® and how useful and healing it is. Since the last seminar I did not need any more chemo-therapy, no more cortisone and also no more pain killers. Furthermore I have lost 11 kilos. It is also helping others a lot. With pleasure I send you detailed reports. I am absolutely convinced by this healing technique and thank you from all my heart. Best regards."

Tamara B. from A-Vienna, Housewife:
"It was simply unbelievably great, and already from the beginning on being back home I felt how I talked with my daughter differently and how differently her reaction was to me. Love is flowing again. Also now I express my creativity instead of swallowing it. I can just tell you, I am so happy and thankful that I was allowed to participate in this training. I am carrying your idea out into the world. I am looking so much forward to being with you again in november."

Edith R. from D-Reckendorf:
"The experiences were super and very intensive. Despite the deep processes there was always harmony and ease perceptible. I felt embraced and accepted. My expectations were completely fulfilled. Thank you very much indeed for the healing."

Urs S. from CH-Oberuzwil, Therapist:
"Carry on like that. Your seminars and the contact with you are always very special experiences. You don’t put yourselves above the group but you integrate yourselves. Your experiences go down very well and you are just doing it with joy and commitment. My expectations are always exceeded. Just great!"

Esther R. from CH-Basel, Healer:
"It is unbelievable what kind of cures happen to my clients since I am working with Cantor Holistic Touch. Everything is working easier and more fluently. It is great how effective I can work now thanks to this holistic healing technique. Even with cancer and other dread diseases I have scored great success. Simply magnificent!"

Brigitte K. from CH-St. Gallen:
"Since I completed the training, my life changed in an unbelievable positive way. It is fantastic to be able to experience all this. My clients accept Cantor Holistic Touch outstandingly, which at first I thought not possible, and are very enthusiastic. The healing success I experience with my clients since then is gigantic. Thank you very much for your unique healing technique."

Ingeborg W. from D-Ankrug:
"I am enthusiastic. The closeness and the sense of belonging of all participants with the seminar leaders is unique. I have never noticed such a level of trust like here with you. Everybody I am concerned about should meet you once. I send you regards from my heart in gratitude that you are here."

Cornelia G. from D-Gerstungen:
"I would like to thank you again for the wonderful week with you. I really filled up. I feel fantastically energized, relaxed, centered, one with myself and happy. Best regards sends you Cornelia."


Damir C. from D-Stuttgart, Graphic Designer, Singer and Healer:

"I would like to thank you for the precious healer-training. Martin thank you for your reasonable theory lecture and Christine for your warm-hearted introduction to the practice of "Cantor Holistic Touch". It was fascinating to watch you at work, it can be felt immediately that you are a professional, each intensive movement hits home, and you are always present with heart & humor. No matter if young or old, everybody is equally treated lovingly. Learnig by doing is your motto. I was able to convince myself on the second day of the seminar by the effect of the healer technique, through the intense releases of blockades of my training partner while I was treating him. Hardly to believe. I am practicing regularly on my acquaintances and relatives. Looking forward to the second training in november, and to see you all again. It was a great harmonic group. Big hug."

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