Heilsame Wege & altes Wissen | © Blaubeerwald Institut®


Everything is one, with and out of God!

We live in a multidimensional cosmos,
a divine order with countless worlds of vibration.

Everything is connected with each other,
inseparably linked by spiritual threads!

Everything is fractal, i.e. as in the small, so in the big
As above, so below
Like inside, like outside

The microcosm is an image of the macrocosm!

The milky ways, the star and solar systems
are the atoms of the universal man!

The material dimension or vibrational level is only
a small bandwidth of life, as well as the visible
light shows only a section of the measurable oscillations.

All matter is condensed light!

The sun is the heart of this planetary system!

It is a self-conscious being, the source of all life!

Sunlight is life, intelligence and love!

The earth - Terra Gaia - is a living being,
self-conscious and creative like all life!

The earth can be a paradise,
but the true paradise is not of this world!

The heart of the earth is an inner sun!

All living beings on earth
are the children of Father Sun and Mother Earth!

The empires of the earth, the minerals, the plants and the animals
are our brothers and sisters, and we humans should be responsible for
and live together in harmony with them on this planet!

All life is sacred and an expression of the divine spirit!

There is only one source of life: The I AM presence, nothing else!

I AM the I AM!

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