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The Ascended Masters are "people" who have awakened to their full divinity. They have mastered the illusion "Maya" of the material universe and its laws and have increased their consciousness.

They are so filled with God's Spirit that even their physical bodies have transmuted into pure light, into pure spirit.

They are completely one with the almighty I AM presence, the consciousness of God, and embody in every moment its unconditional love, omniscient wisdom and limitless power.

From their all-encompassing perspective, they know us and our path of life better than we know ourselves. They know exactly what is "right" for us at the moment.

They know all our secrets. Our fears and pain as well as our dreams and hopes!

They are our older brothers and sisters who are a few steps ahead of us on the way back to divinity.

Some of them are well known, like Jesus and Buddha!

But most of them are not recorded in any history books:
Vywamus, Cantor, Djwahl Khul, Helios, Sanat Kumara, St. Germain, Anloakan, Lenduce, Lin, Anakon, Kuthumi, El Morya, Victory and hundreds of others.

They support the evolution of humanity and help us to master our lives in harmony with the Creator and creation.

Together with the angelic beings, the devas and nature spirits, the realms of the earth and the solar council, they form the spiritual hierarchy of the earth.

Whoever has once been touched by the supernatural love and wisdom of the Ascended Masters and has personally experienced their support, knows how valuable their service to humanity is!

Without manipulating our free will, they lead us to the next goal of our path!

In every moment, every thought, feeling, word or action to live our DIVINITY as HUMANS with self-confidence:
I AM light, I AM love, I AM life!

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