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The mystical people of the Maya in Mesoamerica gives the present
archaeologists many puzzles, because their civilization and their high
knowledge cannot be explained by today's standards.

The Maya are cosmic helpers from the pleiadian star system Maya, traveled to earth to help us to overcome the illusion "Maya".

Their intention was to reconnect the earth and humanity
with God as galactic center <Hunab-Ku> his cosmic
Evolutionary program about the countless stars in his creation

The Maya analyzed the conditions of the earth and the solar system,
created time maps and built their pyramids and temples according to the
here ruling space laws!

They programmed the morphogenetic field of the earth,
and laid the seeds for the coming time after our history!
They developed the Maya calendar <Tzolkin>, the galactic module,
as a cyclical TIME schedule for the major galactic programs,
which flows as a multi-layered daily and annual calendar synchronized with the linear solar calendar!

After successful completion of their work,
they increased their physical vibration in masses,
and are now waiting on a higher level of the earth,
to the awakening of the people at the end of the time 2012!

Their knowledge...
... about the connections between space and linear time,
... about the resonant power of sacred sounds and geometries,
... about the laws of galactic TIME cycles and evolution,
... about the networking of all life via morphogenetic fields,
... about the cosmic connection with Hunab-Ku, the great creator,
they have left us in their pyramids and sculptures as an inheritance!

Their multidimensional knowledge shows us the way <Kuxaan Suum>,
back to the <Maya> consciousness of the galactic Christ,
in harmony with the universal creator <Hunab Ku>
until the end of our history in 2012/13!

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