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The high culture of ancient Egypt has fascinated mankind for thousands of years. And even in the modern age of electronics, computers and space travel, the mysteries in the land of the <earthly Milky Way>, the Nile, are far from solved.

A unique culture that was known throughout the world at that time. It is not without reason that famous Greek scholars like Plato and Pythagoras were educated in the Egyptian secret schools, and with this knowledge they brought their own culture to flourish.

But also the Persians, the Romans, the Jews and the Christians sought the
to discover the secrets of life in Egypt.

Almost overnight, about 5,000 years ago, a high culture with gigantic knowledge, revolutionary sciences, high morals and spiritual ethics emerged. It did not develop, but reached its heyday right at the beginning, and slowly disintegrated over the millennia to the current state of an Islamic second / third world country.

They possessed an incredible architecture and a knowledge of the sacred geometric relationships. Their pyramids, temples and buildings still pose unsolved riddles to science. Thus, the famous Pythagorean theorems can be found in their buildings as the number Pi of the circle and the number Phi of the golden section. Also found were the ratios of the circumference of the earth, the length of the equator, the distances between the earth and the moon or between the earth and the sun, and much more.

It is also still unsolved how they could build their gigantic pyramids and temples at all, with stone blocks that sometimes weigh hundreds of tons and could not even be transported over such long distances with today's technology.

They knew all about our solar system, even though they had no telescopes or space technology. Their incredible astronomical knowledge of the Earth, planets and stars continues to amaze today's scientists. Especially Venus, Orion, Pleiades and Sirius played an important role in their lives.

From the very beginning they had a highly developed writing system, today's hieroglyphics, which enabled an extremely diverse communication and archiving. Their hieroglyphic system did not slowly evolve from a more primitive written form, but this complex system of thousands of characters was there from the beginning.

Their religion, philosophy and knowledge of the afterlife was an equally complex intact system consisting of hundreds of gods with some main gods like Ptah, Maat, Amun, Re, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Seth, Hathor, Toth and Anubis. They knew about a life after death, and aligned their earthly existence accordingly. The hereafter was more important to them than this world, and the universal laws of the Maat had the highest priority. And also these metaphysical sciences were in their possession from the beginning.

Three world religions emerged from the Egyptian culture:
Judaism, Islam and Christianity!

Almost all subsequent Western and Eastern cultures were decisively influenced by Egyptian culture, and it can easily be said that Egypt is the historical cradle of cultures: The Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Persians, the Hittites, the Romans, and finally also our present civilization were shaped and influenced by many areas of Egyptian culture.

But how was it possible for the ancient Egyptians some 5000 years ago to build such a high culture out of nothing?

How could they, while the rest of the world was supposedly still living in the Stone Age, achieve such outstanding achievements?

And why was there no development, no evolution?
They reached their peak already in their early days, and then things only went downhill. Totally untypical for the emergence of a culture that slowly and evolutively builds up from more primitive forms.

Did the ancient Egyptians receive their knowledge from others?
If so; who were their teachers?

Their gods?
The ascended masters?
Any aliens?
The ancient Atlanteans?
Or even time traveling people from the future?

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