Heilsame Wege & altes Wissen | © Blaubeerwald Institut®


"The spiritual man,
aware of his divine soul and I AM presence,
in intimate union with Mother Earth,
rooted in her starry heart,
in respect connected with all life!

A being of universal love, 
constantly giving help, beauty and happiness,
its life force constantly striving upwards,
to the spirit filled with sunlight,
under the eternal wheel of cosmic time!"

We humans are star travelers, on earth only for visit!

Our true origin is God!

We are gods made flesh!
The Kingdom is IN us within!

Our I AM presence is the essence of God in man!

Our I AM presence is boundless love, omnipotence and wisdom!

Our thoughts and our feelings are magical
and we create individually as well as collectively our reality!

We may freely dispose of the will and power of God,
until our ego-will becomes one again with the will of God!

For we reap what we sow!

We are connected with all life
and would be well advised to live accordingly!!

Fear is an illusion!
Separation is an illusion!
Lack is an illusion!  

Every thought of love illuminates,
Every feeling of love is happy,
Every word of love unites,
Every look that nourishes love,
Every gesture of love heals,
And every act of love is for eternity!  

We are souls of love,
brothers and sisters of light and
Servant of life! 

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