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Dolphins are self-conscious creatures, which are very similar to us humans!


They live out their feelings and lust for life, without inhibitions or blockages!

Their life force, the Kundalini energy, flows freely and dynamically!

They still know about the joys and riches of earthly life!

You are not only "enlightened beings of Sirius", but can also be quite earthly angry and frustrated!

Like us humans, there are very primitive characters among them, but there are also highly developed spiritual personalities!

Fun, games, sex and sensuality are very important for dolphins, and they never miss any opportunity to live this with their friends!

Through their lively and sensitive being they remind us humans what life really means and how important it is,
to express and live our feelings as freely as they are!

Their irrepressible lust for life and joy of living is healing for us humans!

Dolphins are telepathic beings who know exactly who they have in front of them and in what state we are!

Dolphins touch us humans in our emotional depths, they free our inner child from its self-made prison, they remind us of our hidden dreams and visions, and show us the meaning of true life on earth!

Dolphins are not only healers for handicapped children, they are healers for every person who wants to free his feelings and his life force again!

Among the Native Americans, dolphins are considered power animals - symbolic of the unlimited, free-flowing vitality of man!

Who has ever had contact with dolphins
and swam with them very closely,
is no longer the same person,
is transformed and enchanted,
and remembers again
the free, divine and living being that he is!

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