Philosophie Blaubeerwald Institut

Blueberry Forest Institute
Transcultural basics

The foundations of our holistic work are transcultural and include the most diverse philosophies, world views and methods from numerous cultures and sciences. We unite these synergistically and apply them individually in every treatment and training. In doing so, we combine them with our clairvoyant and medial abilities and our more than 30 years of experience.

  • The ancient Vedic knowledge of the chakras, the different fine material bodies and aura layers, the energetic connections and the life force (Prana) as well as the law of cause and effect (Karma) and the divine ideal (Dharma)
  • The ancient knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) about the effect of the elements, about the energetic TOR points (partly acupuncture points of the meridians) as well as their energetic connections and the flow of the life force (Chi)
  • The old knowledge from the cosmology of the Maya, the laws of time (Tzolkin or Maya calendar), the cycles of evolution, the connection between the living micro- and macrocosm as well as the task of humans in the solar-galactic being
  • The knowledge of Theosophy about the structure of man and the spiritual worlds, about the spiritual destiny of man, about the spiritual-soul masters as well as the 7 cosmic rays
  • The world view of energetics and the knowledge of the manifesting power of thoughts and feelings, of images, symbols and prayers
  • The healing power of colors and music
  • The healing effect of conscious and loving touch
  • The laws of manifestation, imagination and visualization
  • Training of empathy, intuition and telepathy
  • The knowledge of psychosomatic medicine and the placebo or nocebo effect
  • The findings from neurology (neurogenesis & neuroplasticity), biology (epigenetics & wave genetics) and psychology (mindfulness & conscious thought hygiene)
  • The holographic, multidimensional worldview of quantum mechanics (e.g. the 12-dimensional model of Burkard Heim, the Morphic Fields of Rupert Sheldrake, the primordial field research of David Wilcock, etc.)
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