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Martin Strübin


„As a Swiss nature-boy I have always been closely connected with the life 
on the earth and in the skies. Already as a child I went on excursions 
to the realms of the fairies and dwarfs, spiritual journeys to other 
planets or time travels into the far away past or future. As a matter of course
I lived the freedom of the spirit and regarded myself as an unlimited being.

After a rebellious youth that was followed by a commercial occupation
the great change happened in 1990 and I began to consequently
break the spiritual ground.

A longer trip around the world and the spiritual contact with other cultures formed my development strongly.

The contact with the Spiritual Teachers reappeared after my inner
opening and I received their loving support and wise guidance
especially by <Helios>, <Jesus> and <St. Germain>.

Experiences with the „Stargates“ and the „Mahatma-Energy“ deepened
my contact with the spiritual worlds and creatures. Parallel to that I
successfully completed numerous seminars, from crystal healing over Bach flowers 
and Reiki all the way to the training in human psychology.

My calling led me to working with children in therapeutic areas
and finally in 1994 to Christine.

Since that time we are not only working together in our seminars, but we also set up our healing, spiritual travels, established a holistic mail order business and many other great projects.

In 1995 the Maya-Calendar, the TZOLKIN, returned into my life (again) with which I am living since that time and which I further study intensively. As "Guardian of the Days" I don’t just draw breath from the theory but also from many personal experiences and encounters (from numerous Mexico travels but also with many Maya experts among others) and connect the Maya cosmology with scientific findings.


In the summer of 1998 we realized our greatest project so far: 
The enchanted Blueberry Forest! In the past ten years we invested all of our heart and soul and a lot of energy in every way for the blossom and embellishment of this unique paradise.

There is nothing more beautiful then the recognition and realization of someones dreams and his true calling. And it is extraordinarily fulfilling to support other people in their development and to witness how they grow more and more to what they really are: 
Incarnated gods on earth who create their reality creatively as self confident creators
to their own and the whole good!"


In my studies of the (for me underdeveloped) behavior of humanity, as well as my pursuit to put the spiritual mystic on a down-to-earth, suitable for every-day-use base, I occupy myself with numerous alternative and scientific subjects for decades:


2012/2013, Egyptology, old cultures, alternative healing methods, astrology, astronomy, Ascended Masters, Aura, Bach flower therapy, chakras, channeling, dolphins, energetics, angels, epigenetics, color therapy, Feng Shui, freemason, brain research, spiritual healing, genetics, geomancy, laws of time, globalization, holy geometry, heliotherapy, hollow earth, I AM presence, illuminati, insider knowledge, karma, cosmology, light therapy, Maya calendar, metaphysics, morphogenetics, music therapy, neurology, parapsychology, politics, pre-astronautics, psychology, psychosomatic medicine, pyramid energy, quantum physics, radiesthesia, shamanism, crystal healing, telepathy, ufology and more.



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