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The Blueberry Forest Institute is existing in this form since 1998 and consists of:


• Christine Strübin: Clairvoyant Healer and Channeling-Medium since 1984
• Martin Strübin: Clairsensitive Healer und Channeling-Medium since 1993
• Ursula Tayenthal: Massage-Therapist, Healer and Channeling-Medium

• as well as the enchanted Blueberry Forest, a unique paradise in the middle of nature, 10'000 square meters surrounded by forest, wild animals and blueberries of course.


In exhausting legwork this unique enclave was developed in the Fifties

out of the forest. Its magical name has already been registered for more than 50 years as official address.

1998 finally found by us after a search of many years and awakened from its slumber. Affectionately renovated and embellished in countless working hours

and still long before accomplished.


We inhabit this paradise together with:

• 7 cats: Fritzli, Simba, Happy, Momo, Mogli, Romeo and Rosita,

• 5 dogs: Idefix, Lucy, Ronnia, Balou and Shemesh Yaffa

• 4 goats: Maggie, Zorro, Mickey and Minni

• The gray parrot pair: Lady Robyn and Sir Marian

• 2 cocks and 9 chicken: Domingo, King George and the 
   „Golden Chicken Gospel Choir“

• The peacock: Sri Raja

• The Minnesota minipig pair: Tristan and Isolde

• The frisian black horse Winnetou, the apalusean-arabian-sorrel Akbal, the 
   young Haflinger Sinan and the Orlow white mare Ima

• Countless birds, bats, toads, frogs, blindworms, snakes, 
   hedgehogs and other wild animals

• Butterflies, dragonflies, midges, wasps, spiders and many more insects

• Trees, bushes, flowers and herbs

• Numerous elves, fairies and natural spirits

• Our spiritual friends, the Ascended Masters

• The wonderful Blueberry Forest Deva

• And of course Mother Earth, who we have to thank for the Blueberry Forest!


Each visitor who sets foot into the Blueberry Forest, feels to be taken back to his childhood years and wonderingly notices, ‘this is just like in the enchanted forest“! 
The peace, the power and beauty of the Blueberry Forest touches each visitor in his heart, reminds him of his own paradise, somewhere deep within the center of his being waiting to finally be discovered and materialized!


Only 200 meters away there is the – absolutely adequate – "Francis Marterl", dedicated to the Saint Francis from Assisi, which was built in the Eighties on the occasion of the demonstration against the planned WAA in Wackersdorf.


Francis from Assisi is deemed to be the patron saint of nature and all animals and was a mediator between the kingdoms of nature, the people and the divine beings and worlds. He was supposed to be an incarnation of the Ascended Master Kuthumi.


We and the Blueberry Forest are also touched by the spirit of Francis. We are also living here as a loving entity between nature – man - spirit and with our work as well as with social and ecological projects we stand up so that people finally realize in what kind of paradise we can/could be living here on this gorgeous planet Earth.



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