Wir und der Blaubeerwald - Christine & Martin Strübin


On August 2, 2008 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Blaubeerwald-Institute!


The Blueberry Forest is an enchanting paradise in the middle of nature, 10'000 m2 surrounded by forest, wild animals and of course blueberries.

Originated in the fifties, the forest was painstakingly transformed into this unique enclave.

Its fairytale name has been registered as an official address for 70 years.

In 1998, after many years of searching, we finally found him and woke him from his Sleeping Beauty sleep.

Lovingly renovated and embellished in countless hours of work, and still far from being finished.

We inhabit this paradise together with:

  • Our friends and colleagues Benjamin and Daniel Grohmann and Andreas Greb

  • 5 cats: Mogli, Rosita (saved), Shy (saved), Lilly (saved) and Cathie (saved)

  • 5 dogs: Funny, Ivy, Bruce, Mylo and Shemesh (rescued)

  • 4 goats: Max (rescued), Eddie and Freddie (rescued), and little beech (rescued)

  • The grey parrots couple: Lady Robyn and Sir Marian

  • The "Golden Chicken Gospel Choir" currently consists of 10 chickens

  • The peacock cock and conductor: Sri Raja

  • The Minnesota Minipig couple: Tristan and Isolde

  • The 4 Beagle Boys (rescued): Seppe, Jack, Redgi and Florke and the 3 Wise Men from the Orient (rescued): Gandhi, Rocky and Marley

  • The Frisian black Winnetou, the Apalusian-Arabian chestnut Akbal (rescued), the Haflinger youngster Sinan Stil(rescued), the Lipizan grey Czilla (rescued), the Orlow grey mare Ima, the thoroughbred mares Celestia and Maybe (rescued), the chestnut pony gelding Miel (rescued), the chestnut pony mare Betty (rescued), the grey pony mares Becky & Belle (rescued) and the cold-blooded mare Gipsy

  • Innumerable birds, bats, toads, frogs, blindworms, snakes, hedgehogs and other wild animals

  • Bees, bumblebees, butterflies, dragonflies, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, spiders and much more.

  • Trees, bushes, flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs

  • Numerous elves, fairies and nature spirits

  • Our spiritual friends, the Ascended Masters

  • The wonderful Blueberry Foresteva

  • And, of course, Mother Earth

Every visitor who enters the Blueberry Forest feels transported back to his childhood and remarks in amazement "this is just like in a fairy tale forest"!

The peace, power and beauty of the Blueberry Forest touches every visitor in his heart, reminds him of his own paradise, somewhere deep in the center of his being, waiting to be finally discovered and realized by him!

Only 200m away is - absolutely fittingly - the "Franziskus Marterl", dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, which was built during the demonstrations against the planned WAA in Wackersdorf in the 80s

Francis of Assisi is considered the patron saint of nature and all animals, and was a mediator between the nature kingdoms, the people and the divine beings and worlds. He is said to have been an incarnation of the Ascended Master Kuthumi.

We and the Blueberry Forest are also filled with the spirit of Francis. We also live a loving unity between nature - man - spirit and with our work as well as with social and ecological projects we are committed to help people finally understand in which paradise we can live here on this beautiful earth.

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